It seems like last time I posted about Nigel Stepney and pondered on his whereabouts it was but a few short weeks before he subsequently popped out the woodwork….so I’ll attempt to entice him out again…

Since last writing on the subject we have discovered that our friend ‘Nige’ is none to happy with the state of affairs at Maranello, and doesn’t think much to the new technical structure put in place since Ross Brawn embarked on his whaling expedition (seems all the fish are gone now).

Our Nige in happier times….

After advertising his services to whomever would have him in Autosport, it seems Nigel has gone mysteriously quiet again…but not before Ferrari’s spokesman Luca Colajanni jumped off his chair and made it clear to any would be takers that Ferrari owned him thank you very much, at least up until the end of 2007 anyway.

I’m suspecting Mario Almondo was none too pleased at having his credentials thus questioned so publically, (despite the fact the tifosi still haven’t a clue who he is or where he has been or in fact if he is real at all) and may have taken to drastic measures to silence our ‘Nige’.

A secret source from inside Maranello Headquarters, has suggested that Mario Almondo has devised a wicked punishment for our Mr.Stepney to keep him out of trouble and out of the tabloids. We are to understand he has been sent to the Fort Knox that is the Ferrari Trophy Room, armed with nowt but a can of trophy-polish and a packet of cotton buds. Judging by the size of the last trophy Ferrari wheeled out for their esteemed ‘friend’ Michael Schumacher…we can only guess that Mr.Stepney may surface again sometime in the year 2050…..but will he be let out on good behaviour?

Hellooooo…is that you in there Mr.Stepney?