We like Fernando Alonso (no we really do, honest), not only for his great driving skills but also for being such a constant source of entertainment (This is different from Mark Webber who is also a constant source of entertainment but is not so likeable really). Nando can be very tolerant (except when he says things like “Anybody who disagrees with me is not opening their eyes”), honest (“I didn’t make Michael Schumacher quit F1, I didn’t”) and quite refreshing really. He is also getting better by the day at making contradictory statements, he is so good now that he can easily think up a couple quite nonchalantly before breakfast everyday. His latest – “I have nothing to prove, so I am a lot more relaxed now”…and then in the very next paragraph…”you cannot afford to have a bad day, you cannot relax, it is very demanding…”.
 This is all good – it keeps the journos on their toes.

Michael Schumacher on the other hand used to excel in cryptic statements and apparently still retains the touch.
Q: Are you the new team boss for Ferrari?
A: I insist, the drivers have not asked me for advice.
Q: Erm…okay, but are you the new team boss for Ferrari?
A: I will not be attending all races this year.


Kimi: Michael, I didn’t really understand your answers.
Michael: Don’t worry about it, neither did I. 

This forces the poor interviewer to come up with totally incoherent news articles (“The Italian newspaper La Repubblica wrote on Friday, “Schumacher could become Ferrari’s new team boss.” When we asked him, however, the 38-year-old German insisted “The drivers have not asked me for advice.”  – Excerpt from an internet news article)

Finally, Kimi Raikkonen has a very distinctive style where he makes it look like the interviewer is giving this rather long speech with a few minor interruptions from Kimi.

Q: Kimi, we know that you signed a contract with Ferrari at the end of 2005. I don’t think it was decided at that time if Michael Schumacher woud be around or not, his decision was not made till Monza this year, so what were your thoughts? Did that play a role in your decision-making?
A: No.
Q: …okay….similarly I think Ross Brawn’s sabbatical was also decided in 2006 only, infact it was only announced in Brazil. Ross Brawn has been this pillar of strength for Ferrari, and his departure along with Michael’s might considerably weaken the team, what are your thoughts on that? Did you know Ross Brawn was leaving?
A: No.

And you get the general idea…(Note: Kimi’s press conferences are also used by millions of young mothers around the globe to send their babies to sleep, and researchers currently believe that audio tapes containing the same could be the silver bullet to cure all types of insomnia).