First it was Jean. Then it was Stefano. Followed by Ross. Followed by Michael. Followed by Ross. Followed by Michael again. And finally it was Borat (who you might ask?).


To what am I referring, you might well ponder. Why of course I am talking of the daily Ferrari Team Boss merry-go-round. Is anyone else dizzy yet? Not one’s to let facts stand in the way of a good story the German Media keeps chopping and changing it’s mind like Alonso changes his statements.

One has to wonder at the rate of knots at which rumours are flying out of the mouths of ‘well place senior team members’ inside Maranello, does anyone actually have a darned clue what is going on? I’m beginning to think Ferrari have enough ‘team-bosses’ for each day of the week.

captain-scarlet.jpg Meanwhile poor Jean Todt has a headache. All the poor little chap wanted to do was to retire and sail off into the Malaysian sunset in his Captain Scarlet hat…and yet it’s worse than a game of musical chairs at the moment. If it wasn’t for those pesky kids (Ross, Michael and Paulo) he could have got away with it to…instead he is sat inside his office frantically crossing off days on his desk calendar like a prison in-mate and rueing the day he let them get their resignation letters in.

Does anyone want the darned job? Seems Nigel Stepney might have quite fancied his hand at it, but he is currently locked away in the broom cupboard awaiting his second day of trophy polishing. That will teach him to speak to Autosport.

Meanwhile Uncle-cuddly-bear-Ross is terrifying the fish population in the southern hemisphere and contemplating his comeback. (wonder if he might be so kind as to feed Poisoned Dwarf Jacques Villeneuve to a few piranhas? what they don’t have those in New Zealand?….terrible shame…)

Speaking to the German publication Auto Motor und Sport, Brawn, says he will decide in the summer whether to return to the team in 2008. But rules out coming back as the Technical Director. Mario Almondo must be breathing a huge sigh of relief as if we are to believe rumours emanating from Italy, he was about as popular as a cactus in a balloon emporium when his promotion to TD was announced back in October…. if it came down to a popularity contest one fears he might end up on street sweeping duty.

“Ferrari gave me so much that it is only fair if I speak with them first,” “If I return I need a new challenge.” Ross was quoted as saying to the German Publication.

Asked if that would mean he would take over as team-boss on the Mondays, Wednesday’s and Friday’s when Michael is apparantly secretly testing the F2007, mentoring Kimi and Felipe and doing the Landscape Gardening…..Ross replied “That is an option for the future.”