schum1.jpgJacques Villeneuve is planning to be ‘one of the greatest racers’ according to his manager, it is just that he is not too sure how to go about it. He thinks he could probably have gone down the usual route of winning around 7 world championships to prove the same, but he is different and Michael Schumacher has already done that (and they threw him out of F1 anyway). So now JV is looking to leave a mark in every racing series, and unfortunately for NASCAR – it has drawn his attention. Good luck to our American friends for coping with him if it comes to pass. Bernie Ecclestone is reportedly worried that sending JV and Montoya to NASCAR would end up making F1’s reputation mud across the Atlantic pond. An insider reveals that Bernie has been plaguing Michael with phone calls urging him to pay back his dues to F1 by accepting Ray Evernham’s offer and competing in the darned tournament with his red car. It is not known what Michael has decided.

Meanwhile Willi Weber has dismissed speculation that Michael is all set to take over Jean Todt’s role as Ferrari team boss. Willi attributes the rumors to Michael’s inability to do anything by half measures – he apparently thinks being an advisor means knowing all 3000 employees by first name, attending bi-weekly top management meetings, attending test sessions, (still) waking up Bridgestone employees in the middle of the night to find out how the tyres are coming along and giving design inputs for the road car as well as racing car divisions. “But isn’t that being the team boss?” we asked Willi confused. “Shhhh” said a cross Willi Weber, “He doesn’t know that yet”. All right then…now we understand why he is being called ‘super-assistant’.

It is known that all teams were earlier very upset with Ferrari for giving Michael No.1 status – “Support the other driver, put extra ballast in Michael’s car, just do something and stop him from winning” seemed to be their general advice to Ferrari. But now that Michael has retired, Fisichella thinks Renault should concentrate on a single driver “this year also like they have been doing the past two years”. Fisichella is also understandably nervous that Renault might choose to concentrate on Kovalainen following that bit of advice, and insists the No.1 driver should be chosen immediately after the first GP. It looks like he is confident Kovalainen couldn’t possibly beat him in his debut race in a F1 car, we are not so sure though. Ferrari will be treating both drivers (Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa) as No.1 drivers this year.