The local media in Bahrain is quite excited about the upcoming two-week test session in Sakhir, with Honda already setting up its garage after flying in 40 tonnes of equipment. With all teams stressing on how important the Bahrain test is, the media is very keen to get the first pointers to how competitive the cars are. Williams and Spyker will not joining in the party, with both teams opining that it is not quite so hot in Bahrain just yet to justify lugging all the equipment half way across the globe, when they can get similar temperatures in Valencia really. Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen have arrived in Bahrain, and Kimi was reportedly in a foul mood as he asked for vodka on the flight and got rose-water instead.

If you are wondering why Mark Webber has been unusually silent the past week, it is because he is a little distracted that he is not fitting into his new car. “It is tight in places” said a worried Webber, hoping that Adrian Newey would be able to do something about it. Apparently the new seat fitting didn’t really help, and Adrian is so busy improving the car that he hasn’t realized somebody needs to drive it first.

rb.jpgRed Bull is making good progress on their book. It is set to be titled “101 ways to embarrass grand prix drivers”. After making David Coulthard appear on the Monaco podium wearing a Superman cape (something DC has still not recovered from completely), they are now directing a small movie with DC, Webber, Liuzzi and Speed and are planning to distribute it during the opening grand prix. We have no objections of course – nothing like a good laugh to start off a grand prix season. The storyline? DC and Webber will be featured in a scrap with Liuzzi and Speed and…that’s pretty much it. Rivetting, no doubt. To top it off, it is reported that DC and Webber are filming in Czech Republic while Speed and Liuzzi are filming in Bulgaria. If they had invested this money elsewhere, maybe STR could have come up with their own car instead of nicking Red Bull’s, and we wouldn’t be having a customer car row.

Finally, we are having trouble keeping up with a bunch of rumors, but we think the latest seems to indicate that not only will Ferrari have multiple team bosses in Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher, Ross Brawn and Stefano Domenicali – but some team bosses will take over multiple teams. Ross Brawn for example, will be leading Ferrari and McLaren, and Ron Dennis – McLaren and Prodrive. It is all very confusing, but we will keep you updated. Don’t forget to check out the detailed news article sugarpuff will be writing about the same soon.