kimi2.jpgDay 1 of testing in Bahrain ended with both Ferrari drivers on top of the timesheets, with Felipe Massa just about a tenth of a second faster than Kimi Raikkonen.  Things are looking good for the Maranello based team as it is rumored that McLaren ran with all new parts while the same is not true for Ferrari. BMW had a few reliability issues, causing Robert Kubica to opine “When the car goes, it goes fast” –  and now that sounds strangely like the McLaren mantra. It is the same thing Kimi Raikkonen had been saying for years now before he shifted to Ferrari (and hopefully he will cease to say it now).

Meanwhile Red Bull has lost its chief of R&D, Anton Stipinovich, who was reportedly displeased with the climax of the Red Bull promotional movie, and had a spat with Dietrich Mateschitz regarding the same. It is not known if Adrian Newey wrote the script for the movie, but Mark Webber was overheard complaining his role in the movie was too small. Incidentally DC and Webber finished 13th and 14th respectively.

Gerhard Berger sure has a wierd way of keeping his drivers for 2007 motivated. After refusing to confirm his drivers earlier on the basis that Liuzzi and Speed partied too much and were not committed enough, he now apparently feels Liuzzi has grown some commitment over winter but Scott Speed is still lacking in that department. “If a driver has a car capable of taking pole and winning, the driver must take full advantage” said Berger, though the journos present were not too sure which car he was talking about…surely not the STR?

“Our guys cannot be like Schumacher in the experience, they cannot be like him with the natural talent, but they can be like him with the commitment” added Berger. That’s a bit rich coming from someone who just sent his drivers to Bulgaria on a whim to shoot a promotional movie. We would have liked to see someone try that with Michael during his racing days.