massa.jpgAs the picture on left shows really, Day 2 at Bahrain could probably have been a bit better for Ferrari, with both drivers finishing off the top 5 and Massa having a transmission failure on top of it all. However Autosport reports that Raikkonen’s pace was most impressive over long runs, and given Ferrari’s consistent performance otherwise – things look in control. ‘Quick’ Nick (Heidfeld) topped the timesheets today, confirming the excellent form BMW has shown in pre-season testing – something Mario Theissen has confessed to being surprised about. Heidfeld had a small mishap though when his helmet strap got caught in his beard when he was removing it, and he had shave off parts of it (the beard of course, not the helmet strap) to rescue the rest of his face. We regret to inform you that as a result Nick Heidfeld currently looks like this (below). What looks like a strange infection of facial fungus is infact the remnants of his beard. It is hoped that with a good shave he will cease to look like Wolverine and start looking more like a F1 driver.


Vitantonio Liuzzi, who has spun his F1 car more times in one year than certain drivers have managed over their entire careers, is very keen to display how committed he is to STR’s cause. “This winter we have already lost three tests, putting us a whole month behind the others – a disaster!” exclaimed the visibly affected Liuzzi, perhaps forgetting to take into account the amount of testing DC and Webber have already done for STR…erm…I mean Red Bull – what’s the difference really? And talking of Red Bull, Mark Webber has demonstrated that he is consistent if nothing else, regularly finishing out of the top 10 in all test sessions. DC who thought 2007 would be his year for winning the championship (as he does every other year), has now admitted that “At the moment we’re not going to achieve the goals I had for the year”. Surprising…it usually takes him at least till the first few races to realize the same.

Ferrari, after making Michael Schumacher the ‘Super Assistant’ and Nigel Stepney the ‘Race Performance manager”, is now inventing a new catchy title for Ross Brawn in case he decides to come back next year, as ‘team boss’ sounds too mundane. We will keep you updated, as always.