Well my last attempts to entice our ‘Nige’ out of the woodwork have been successful again…I should get a new career…

It would seem that earlier rumours of our poor old friend ‘Nige’ actually being locked in the Ferrari Trophy Room and not due for parole until 2050 have been a little wide of the mark. What can you do these ‘high ranking senior team member insiders’ do like to tell some stories!

ournige.jpgIt now emerges that our friend who was unhappy with the current organisational structure within the Maranello outfit, requested to be moved to another part of the team. Mario Almondo agreed to the change in roles, for fear that with Nigel’s fondness for high drama he might otherwise abscond off to join Autosport as a gossip columnist.

According to the said same publication, Ferrari have insisted that Nigel sees out the remaining 12 months of his contract and have agreed to give him a new role within the team that will see him responsible for team performance development (hands up if you have a clue what it is) which means he will be reporting to Luca Baldisserri Head of Track Operations. The role is understood to be based at Maranello which will mean Nigel no longer has to travel away to races, with a young family this is probably a good thing…and significantly lessens his chances of getting run over by any German’s in the pitlane.

The role of Race Operations Manager is now going to be taken by David Lloyd (who we understand rushed straight out to get life insurance just in case Michael gets the urge to drive the new car), and Luigi Mazzola becomes the new Test Team and Test Operations Performance Manager.

Personally I’m hoping this is the end of our Nige’s little career wobbly, I don’t think I will have the will to live if I have to write part 4!