On February 26th 2007, Honda will unveil the livery of their new car the RA107 at the Natural History Museum in London.

For a team involved in a sport based on all the latest high tech gadgetry and gizmo’s it would on initial inspection seem like rather an odd choice of location to unveil their new challenger (note I use that term loosely).

The location of the launch is causing much amusement amongst the F1 fraternity, not least because the Natural History Museum is home to alot of old dinosaurs, bones and fossils. One is left wondering if it’s some kind of hint that Rubens Barichello is getting on a bit, or is in fact that the RA107 is really just a heap of old junk. (I’m sure testing performance so far might point to both factors).

New Discovery: Moan-alota-saurus
moanalotosaurus.jpg Probably a good job Red Bull’s DC isn’t attend the launch he might get mistaken for one of the exhibits, probably a T-Rex with that jawline…..

Rumours currently circulating are that the Honda’s new livery will be green (well it would have to be something really special to surpass Renault’s paint job), speculation on the colour choice had hinted at the possibility of a new sponsor e.g. Petroleum Giants BP.

It is also thought that the choice in paint is to reflect the japanese companies commitment to ‘green’ issues and has nothing to do with the fact the paint was going cheap at DIY outlet B&Q apparently.

F1 website Pitpass.com has suggested the colour scheme may in fact actually be a cunning plan to hide the cars on the grass verge once they have inevitably broken down….presumably to prevent the opposition dashing off to steal the fantastic technology…

We can but wait and see…