Toyota had a wierd problem today – they ran out of fire extinguishers (honest, we are not making it up this time). It is reported that for safety reasons they tried to borrow some from the neighboring McLaren garage, but obviously they chose the wrong garage – with McLaren needing all the fire extinguishers around to put out smoking engines. Yes, they had one of those today with Lewis Hamilton’s car expiring shortly after lunch, though in McLaren’s defense it was probably an expected engine blowup with a lot of miles on it. Toyota is having some new fire extinguishers flown in overnight.

Honda we know will be revealing their new livery on Monday, but it has been revealed that this livery will reflect Honda’s “commitment to environmental awareness”. It is feared that the colors will be shades of green and blue like that of the earth, and with Renault looking like the darned rainbow, it is going to be one scenic grid this season. It is not known if the combined effect will be enough to persuade viewers to switch off their television sets, but Bernie Ecclestone ought to be worried.

Scott Speed has finally been confirmed by STR today. An insider reveals that the reason for the delay in confirming him was lack of enthusiasm from Speed to participate in an analysis of his weaknesses, apparently he felt it should accompanied with an analysis of weaknesses of the car itself. Scott Speed celebrated his confirmation by finishing last in the timesheets today.

schumibike.jpgMichael Schumacher can start thinking of making a comeback now, because we think everyone is done giving him retirement gifts – the latest of which is this custom made Harley-Davidson presented by the Ferrari clientele (source: Well if they can afford to buy vintage Ferrari racing cars, one suspects this wouldn’t have made a big dent in their collective bank accounts…and despite the rather loud red paint it certainly looks better than a similar custom made bike Kimi Raikkonen was photographed with last year. Of course the Dubai crown prince might have stolen their thunder a bit by gifting Schumi a small island against which anything pales in comparison, but given Michael’s penchant for collecting HDs, this should certainly be appreciated.