Throughout the long winter months, Formula 1 addicts avidly scour the internet looking for the latest news and information regarding the sport they love. They meet in forums and chatrooms to discuss the latest car designs, the test results, what the weather is doing, how many engines Kimi can blow up in one season and how many double cheese burgers Juan Pablo Montoya can eat in a row now he has skipped off to Nascar….but all is fairly happy anticipating the start of the F1 merry-go-round again.

Once in a while though, something untoward happens. A journalist or event exposes something earth shattering, something unbelievable, something that makes us question everything we have ever been told…..that something happened today.


No doubt this will all come as a complete shock and embarrassment to the Maranello based team who have obviously been under the misguided illusion all these years that they were paying Rory Byrne and Aldo Costa to design their F1 cars, whilst paying Brawn to be Technical Director and for Jean Todt to return the team to winning ways. Well that’s what they had been telling us.

However, this shocking revelation would partly explain why the Italian teams’ rivals seem to think Ferrari have got their car design so wrong this season, now that Brawn has taken a year out on sabbatical. The F2007 has a longer wheelbase than most of the other F1 cars lining up for Melbourne, which has caused more than a few raised eyebrows down the pit-lane.

Rumour has it Ferrari CEO Jean Todt was most displeased at reading the report (plenty of time for reading tabloids when your a fake boss you know!) and popped round to Rory’s Office to find out what he had actually been doing since 1997.

ferrarilegoman.JPG On opening the door he was confronted with a tidal wave of Lego that swept the Frenchman off his feet, twenty feet down the corridor and picking a Ferrari Lego Mechanic out of his ear…giving the supposed Design Consultant Rory and Chief Designer Aldo a chance to disappear out the back door and make good their escape.

Meanwhile Super-Assistant, Car-tester, Gardening Expert and Driver Mentor Michael Schumacher has gone into hiding lest a clever clued up journalist manages to expose him….as he’s been getting paid a merry fortune to drive the darned vehicle the last 11 years but actually he had been skipping off to play backgammon and letting the cleaning lady do the driving instead.

It would seem with those F1 hacks about no skeletons are safe in Ferrari’s closet.