It is tragic is what it is. They took this beautiful piece of machinery on the left, and transformed it to this on the right. The only thing that is stopping us at FFN from picking up the phone and dashing off a call to the ‘Society for Prevention of Cruelty to (defenseless) F1 cars’ bureau is the cause Honda is espousing. Still when Max Mosley spoke of his vision to turn F1 green, we don’t think he meant it in the literal sense – there is such a thing called speaking figuratively, you know. And it is also tough to understand how a car that looks like a world map will increase global awareness of environmental issues – I mean we have all seen the world atlas before, haven’t we? Did they do any study that linked the world atlas sales with ozone layer depletion? Some research that proves that the constant sight of the world map makes people more environment friendly perhaps?


Oh yes, you can pledge your devotion to solving environmental issues and Honda will add a pixelated version of your name to the car that can be seen with the microscope, and they will put the name in their website as well. Considering most of the general public can’t get close enough to a F1 car, leave alone peer at millions of pixels through the microscope leisurely hoping to identify their names on it – it is felt Honda would have been best adviced to just stick to the website part of the idea and to have given the car a decent livery instead. Well, just so long as this contraption sticks to revolving around the race track and doesn’t start rotating or spinning on its axis, Jenson Button and Rubens Barichello will not be complaining.

Young Felipe Massa has changed his mind again. He still thinks BMW is looking good, but says “in my opinion, the best looking team at the moment is McLaren”. He also outlines what is thought to be a slightly wierd policy when he says “It doesn’t matter if we are a second ahead or a second behind in testing, the only thing that matters is we are there”. Really? If only we had known this earlier at FFN, we sure wouldn’t have wasted all this space analyzing test performances and writing daily test reports. 

 Felipe had a few nice words to say about the super-assistant though – “Michael did an incredible job in all areas, he is the most complete driver I have ever known and I tried to learn as much as I could from him”. He also added that he has ‘earned the respect of the Ferrari team’, which is very well deserved we are sure. Forza Ferrari.