Despite being ardent supporters of the Maranello based company, the tifosi don’t always see eye-to-eye with Ferrari’s insistence on utmost secrecy when not really required – it is widely felt the top honchos at Ferrari need frequent reminders that they are just running a darned F1 team and not some international espionage service. And there are those cryptic soundbites that are thrown out from time-to-time that sends the entire F1 community into a tizzy trying to figure what they possibly could have meant (Jean Todt: “Those are my three favorite drivers on the podium”, Michael Schumacher: “If I continue, I will be with Ferrari mostly“). Not to mention the endless speculation that entails – like it is the plot of an upcoming Harry Potter book.

We hate to say this, but this is perhaps one (and the only) department where they can pick up a point or two from McLaren. I mean, Fernando Alonso signed a contract with McLaren in December 2005, and the ink had hardly dried before Ron Dennis cornered the nearest chap who looked like he might be a journo and let him have the scoop. It is rumored that Ferrari might have signed their contract with Kimi Raikkonen as far back as August 2005, but did they let their vast multitude of well-wishers know? Not a chance, not before taking a goodish year about it and letting it develop into one of those great mysteries they make documentaries about – will Kimi drive for Ferrari? Will he drive for Renault? Perhaps stay back in McLaren? What the deuce is Michael planning to do? Wait a minute, Michael is going to Renault? Is Michael retiring? That can’t be right – Kimi is retiring end of 2006? Are we going to have any drivers at all? If a sizeable population of Ferrari supporters are balding or bald already, you know who it is to blame.

Is it so hard really to say “Our technical director Ross Brawn has opted to take a year off and go fishing instead, so we are a bit in the soup and looking for alternatives. We will keep you posted”? Now that is a good press release. Or “Michael is being a pain-in-the-neck and does not really know what to do, but we have signed Kimi Raikkonen already. We will let you know the rest when Michael decides”. Concise and to the point. Or more recently, “We asked Michael to be team boss, and he had a hearty laugh about it. We don’t think he agrees it is a good idea, but we will let you know either way”.

jtkidding.jpgSchumi: Yeah right! Team boss now, what next?

Luca Colajanni dismissed it as ‘nonsense’, now Todt says he will be delighted if it happened. After a spate of rumors linking Michael to the top job have been dealt with and dismissed by all concerned parties, and after FFN has concluded that there are four team bosses at Ferrari currently taking turns, Jean Todt has decided to stir up the pot a little by saying “I would be delighted if Michael came up to me and said being a team boss is the next step in his career”. We don’t know what you think, but to us that certainly sounds like there is a vacancy for the post – otherwise why in heavens would Jean Todt be ‘delighted’? So does that mean Ross Brawn is not coming back? What happened to Stefano Domenicali? Are the McLaren rumors true after all? Is this what Michael wants? Ah, there we go again.