Ferrari team mates Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikonnen showed promising form by topping the time sheets in the 4th day of testing at the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain yesterday, beating nearest rival Double World Champion Fernando Alonso by nearly 6 tenths of a second. And all in a car, which has been considered a bit of a gaffe since its launch (according to those in the know, down the pit lane).

Felipe Massa continued to dominate his team mate in testing despite the Kimster having a new aerodynamic package on his car. Obviously the crate of Vodka in the back of the Flying Finn’s car is creating adverse handling problems while cornering; maybe Race Engineer Chris Dyer would be best advising Kimi to stick to the usual ballast and leave his ‘life supporting giggle juice’ at home.

Ferrari Head of Track of Operations, Luca Baldisserri looking chirpy about testing performance….as per usual…looks like he could use a Vodka…

Both McLaren and BMW-Sauber continued to show impressive form, with McLaren drivers Alonso and Hamilton finishing the day in 3rd and 5th positions respectively. BMW driver Kubica finished 4th despite his day being marred by mechanical problems.

The unexpected highlight of the day came when Renault Rookie Heikki Kovaleinen did what we have all wanted to do since the car was launched, making a neat job of rearranging the paintwork in a pretty hefty shunt into the barrier at the Sakhir Circuit. Too bad he hadn’t got the car paint design team strapped to it at the time…better luck next time.

Heikki Kovaleinen hits the barrier and saves our eyeball’s from certain doom

Rumour has it that the crash caused sufficient damage to delay Renault’s test programme in Bahrain, even with the mechanics working flat out to repair the damage it is unlikely the vehicle will be ready until this afternoon. With one driver out of action and the other about as much use as a chocolate teapot in front of a blast furnace, Renault’s test programme in Bahrain is looking like it could be seriously compromised. Still by Australia the team will no doubt have chosen their number 1 driver and one has to wonder will there be tears before bedtime for Giancarlo Fisichella?

Meanwhile at Toyota, Ralf Schumacher has been replaced by test driver Franck Montagny after Ralf hurt his back slightly sliding over the kerbs and decided to throw a sickie for the day. Rumour has it Ralf took the day off to practice his autograph now he is no longer “the other Schumacher” you never know it might come in useful one day….

Elsewhere someone might need to point out to Honda that having the image of the world on your car does not have any causal effect on your chances of winning the “world championship”. Team Principal Nick Fry is under the illusion that Honda will be winning races in 2007 despite showing very average pace in testing….does he know something we don’t?

Planet Earth calling Nick…..Nannoo, Nannoo. Is Nick Fry actually an alien imposter? ….the shifty eyes, the strange statements, the ever permanent evil grin….

Be afraid he has come to take over the planet!

Testing resumes later today at the Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain Earthlings…..tune in or be assimilated.