Michael Schumacher has been nominated for the prestigious Laureus Award once again, and so have Tiger Woods and Roger Federer – the trinity representing global sport domination. It must be remembered that Schumi has a record 7 nominations in the 8 years since the award’s inception, and he is currently being accused of making the award ceremony very boring by getting nominated repeatedly.  Fernando Alonso also has a nomination…though it is rumored that they are shifting his nomination to the ‘Best Sportsman in a Non-Sport’ category (he doesn’t consider F1 a sport, remember?).


Jenson Button has stated that he is very happy with Honda’s new environment-friendly initiative, as he has always been interested in protecting the environment. Really? How does he go about it? Jenson says “I always ensure that I switch off the television when I am not watching and never put it on standby”. Bravo! That is a bit like Michael Schumacher saying he promotes road safety by not running over pedestrians, isn’t it? One would perhaps have expected a public figure like Jense to play a more prominent role, but to each his own.

And while we are on the topic, Jean Todt is afraid all this talk of ‘green’ F1 will make Michael take up gardening once again, and has strictly forbidden use of the G-word in the Ferrari camp. It is with great difficulty that Todt has persuaded Michael to attend top-management meetings in Maranello and take down notes, and he doesn’t want to see his efforts wasted. An insider reveals that Todt is finding training Michael for the team boss job tougher than he expected, especially without Michael’s cooperation…and now with Dany Bahar from Red Bull adding to the competition, things are hotting up. Todt has also said that he only considered Kimi Raikkonen for the role of Ferrari driver as Alonso is not ‘Ferrari material’, despite both being equally talented in his opinion – make what you want of it. 

Finally, there is a rumor in the paddock that following Celine Dion’s impressive (*cough*) performance in the Oscars, Jacques Villeneuve (who was watching the same on TV…it is not known if he later switched it off or put in on standby) is considering asking his fellow-Canadian to partner him for his next music album. It sounds like a professional match made in heaven, doesn’t it?