It is rumored that F1 might be forced to scrap the fuel-burning qualifying sessions and resort to picking up chits instead to decide the grid order, and we know who is to blame. It all started with Honda and the ‘earth car’. An insider revealed (rather reproachfully) that if Honda had sponsorship issues, they should probably have stuck to the plain black livery. Now not only do they have a wierd blue car with green splotches on it, but they have also drawn unnecessary attention to F1 from environmentalists, who have collectively termed it as “probably the most polluting sport in the planet contributing to climatic changes”. The environmentalists understandably feel it is a little rich for a F1 manufacturer to be advocating the ‘green’ program, and have suggested that Honda should skip the third session of qualifying if they really cared. Now that is a line we can easily imagine Rubens delivering as an excuse – “I would have been on pole, but it is against my principles”. 

The Skip-Q3 policy is still something Red Bull can adopt probably, because we don’t anticipate DC or Webber will be reaching Q3 that often anyway. A RB insider reveals that the team has tried almost everything aerodynamically, and the only thing that remains is to interchange the front and rear wings, turn the car around and try driving backwards. We are not too sure if that will work, but stranger things have happened. Team principal Christian Horner apparently still has some hope left – he feels the new car is “not evolutionary, but revolutionary”. So revolutionary infact, that it is almost going in the opposite direction compared to other cars on the grid. They are planning on some ‘aggressive development’ now, and it is about time.


Kimi Raikkonen has again turned down invitations to compare the Ferrari and McLaren cars, instead preferring to deal with absolutes like “it is a nice car” and “I am happy”. He got a nasty shock though when he suddenly ran into Stefano Domenicali wearing his scary sunglasses (see left picture above), around the corner, and has still not recovered from the shock completely. He needed a few ice packs to try and cool off a bit, and was overheard promising Stefano he would smile more if Stefano in turn would agree to never scare him like that again. We could not reach Stefano Domanicali for comments.