Now that the long hard winter is over (supposedly), spring is in the air and the countdown to the start of the season is just 13 days away….the excitement and tension is almost palpable.

Naturally in the weeks leading up to the start of the season there is much speculation, pondering, contemplating and predicting going on…as the teams and drivers of the Formula 1 circuit try to work out what the pecking order for the season is going to be.

Uncertainty is thick in the air because for the first time in over a decade that glory-hunting trophy-hogging German and his evil English sidekick (you know to whom I refer) are nowhere to be seen, which kind of throws the old script right out the window.

So who will be victorious and get his sticky mitts on the crown this year? It appears the usually bullish F1 drivers who enjoy blowing their own trumpets and telling us they are indeed the next best invention since sliced bread have gone a bit shy on the issue….

Who will be crowned alpha male at the end of the season?

Fernando Alonso thinks both Raikonnen and Massa are just as likely to win as him (well that’s what he says but secretly he is polishing his trophy cabinet already), Nick Fry thinks Jenson Button will win (when doesn’t he?), Pedro De La Rosa thinks Alonso will win, Nick Heidfeld wants Massa to win, Massa thinks Lewis Hamilton, Robert Kubica and Heikki Kovaleinen are great, Nobody thinks Fisichella will win, and David Coulthard thinks it might be his year (yet again).

Glad we got that cleared up. So nobody really has a darned clue in all honestly. What is interesting is that not many people are pointing to Kimi Raikonnen as favourite to win.

My memory must be going because I could swear back in September when it was revealed he had signed for Ferrari, everyone was cock-a-hoop that finally he had a real chance at the championship….or at least a chance to make it to the end of the race without fireworks going off from underneath his fireproof pants.

Kimi himself is remaining rather tight-lipped and coy on the subject, and all we can manage to get out of him is that old Ferrari chestnut “we will see….” perhaps we will “know very soon” otherwise we might have to get a funnel and a large crate of Smirnoff Ice out…and loosen him up a little…

cockerel.JPGOne man who has no doubt he is top cock in the sport is Bernie Ecclestone. According to British broad sheet The Daily Telegraph, the little gremlin has gone out and got his name trademarked lest we forget who is king of his sandcastle (getting a tad paranoid eh shorty?). Although quite frankly I’m baffled who would want to be called after a four foot sprite with a penchant for bowl haircuts. But anyhow its Mr.Bernie Ecclestone ™ to you and don’t you forget it!