Michael Schumacher is a model employee for FIAT really, they couldn’t have asked for better. They might have to gift him the occasional 599 GTB Fiorano to keep him happy, but that is a small price to pay for someone who would plug FIAT Multipla to the general public with a straight face (and lend his name willingly to Stilo). “For the family we use mostly the [Fiat] Multipla, because it has three [front] seats and I don’t have to argue with my kids who gets to sit in front when I get them to school” is exactly what he said…and no not in a commercial (thank god), but in an interview. Now personally I wouldn’t touch the Multipla with a ten foot pole, leave alone actually dish out hard-earned cash to purchase one of these…but in Michael’s defense it is rumored that he got the car as a gift (probably shortly after the 1999 season when Montezemolo wasn’t too pleased with him). And what the heck – he has a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano parked in his garage as well.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and …(Is it a car? Is it a bus? No…it is Multipla!!)

Felipe Massa has of course landed Kimi a bit in the soup by consistently outpacing him in the pre-season testing, and BRDC president Damon Hill thinks it could be an embarrassing situation for Kimi if this trend continues in the races taking into account the salary differential between the two. Hill hinted that it might not be long before Ferrari starts wondering why they are paying Kimi so much more to finish behind Massa. However former F1 racer Marc Surer thinks there is nothing to worry about and has said “Kimi never plays all of his cards in tests”. The Ferrari engineers might not be pleased to hear that considering they were trying to evaluate the car’s performance during the same tests (“You mean you were sandbagging?!! Why in heavens didn’t you say so?”), but we think the pre-season form just shows Massa’s potential rather than undermine Kimi’s. Ferrari might just have stumbled upon the best driver pairing in recent times. And Massa has the added championship advantage of being Schumacher’s good friend (at least according to Bernie Ecclestone). If you are wondering why being Michael’s good friend constitutes a championship advantage…so were we. Kimi Raikkonen has urged the tifosi to wait till the racing starts before drawing conclusions. We can barely wait.