Sugarpuff and I have added the Ferrari Team Profile page (as we promised we would) after close to a month of painstaking research (and that means not just Wikipedia). You can access the profiles page by just clicking on the tab that says ‘Ferrari Team Profile’ above…or if that is too much of an effort, here is the link.

Ferrari Team Profile

Do take a look, and as we said already – you might just pick up a bit of information or two that you didn’t know already. And even if you know everything there is to know about the Ferrari team, there are plenty of cool pictures. 🙂 Thanks to sugarpuff for not only contributing 50% of the material but also for proof-reading 100% of it – both her part and mine. Forza Ferrari.

Thanks FerrariFan 😉 and thanks also to everyone who comes to visit our blog 🙂 I’d just like to point out there is a section available if you would like to make any comments by clicking on the tab ‘Feedback Section’ above. sugarpuff x