45massaul3.jpgAll this talk about drinking and karaoke bars has set me wondering – how does Kimi Raikkonen sound when he sings? I mean, he can’t even get his voice modulation right when he talks (Kimi’s voice coach – “there should be an upward inflection of the voice when you ask a question, there should be a downward inflection when you finish a sentence…it can’t all be said in the same pitch for heaven’s sake!”). So does he sing in a monotone too…like he is just talking loudly? That apart, I fail to understand what all the hoopla is about. So the man had a couple of drinks and did a bit of singing – there wasn’t any law against that last I checked. And with two whole weeks to go before race weekend, I honestly think we should just leave him alone. And it’s not like he is the first F1 driver to drink or sing. To put things in perspective, here’s a picture (on the left) of our dignified and esteemed driver lineup from last year – now that ought to keep us tifosi silent for a while. Of course Kimi can expect bricks by post if he doesn’t deliver this season, but that might never come to pass.

Damon Hill has advised fellow Brit Jenson Button to quit Honda if he nurtures any hope of winning the WDC. It is all very well to ask Jense to quit Honda, but with all top teams having either promising young talent or established stars, and with exciting talent like Sebastian Vettel, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Nico Hulkenburg waiting on the sidelines, Button might be best adviced to stay in Honda and make the most of it. Of course one feels a little sorry for Rubens Barichello who willingly left the Maranello camp to join Honda, stating that this was his only chance to fight for the WDC….making one suspect all was not well with the Barichello brain cells. In this sport, one man’s loss is another man’s gain – and Massa has made the most of his wonderful opportunity. Which brings us to our favorite Australian – Mark Webber. Webber quit Williams for Red Bull and has since not stopped predicting doom for his former employers. But Damon Hill feels Williams always goes through these huge performance variations and 2007 might very well be the comeback year.  And now with Red Bull at least a couple of seconds off pace and reports coming in that they are planning to replace the wings, bargeboard, undertray…and nearly the whole car so to speak, we think Webber might just end up looking a little silly this year…not that he doesn’t usually as well.  

It has just been revealed that Paul Stoddart will be a commentator for the forthcoming Melbourne GP. What’s with all these former team bosses taking to the commentary business one wonders (with Peter Sauber playing a similar role too). There is this small fear that with Ron Dennis rumored to be selling his stake in McLaren this year, he might also decide to come in and give it a shot, and we all know it is easier to understand fluid dynamics and tyre composition chemistry than trying to interpret Ron’s unique language. We will just have to wait and watch.