Today it is confirmed that the Spyker team will be changing the paint job for their 2007 car.

Previously as seen in testing the Spyker vehicle was a bright luminous orange that had an uncanny knack of looking remarkably like a Ferrari when filmed on TV, much to the chagrin of the legions of tifosi world-wide.

New Spyker paint scheme displayed at Silverstone
spykercolourscheme.JPG We trialled the very bright colour in the first three tests of the year,” said team boss Colin Kolles.

“Whilst the bright orange was a very distinctive colour when you saw it in front of you in the garage or on the track, the colour didn’t transfer well when filmed.

“It’s important for the Spyker brand that the colour is uniformly represented by all media and we’re confident this will be the case with the new colour scheme.” Kolles confirmed.

The Spyker 2007 challenger now has more subdued orange tones with tungsten shades according to media reports.

So now the legions of Ferrari fans can rest easy knowing when they see a red car going past on TV with a massive engine blow its just Kimi on his usual sunday jaunt and not one of the Spykers pretending to be an imposter.

Glad thats all cleared up. if only Renault would revise their paint job then we won’t be having to sit watching the TV all season in Ray Bans.

In other news Bridgestone have confirmed that tyre regulations for 2007 will mean that they will have to provide tyres with unique identifying markings for each type of compound.

The FIA World Motorsport Council have confirmed “Each tyre supplier must undertake to provide no more than two sepcifications of dry weather tyre at each event, each of which must be of one homogenous compound and visibly distinguishable from one another when the car is on track”.

lucaannoyedbungee1.JPGLuckily for Ferrari’s strategic ace and little poppet Luca Baldisserri he won’t be having to get off his pitwall gantry and hotfoot it down the pitlane to see what his rivals are upto after all.

Instead it is rumoured he will be using a bungee rope to spring back and forth from the pitwall to the fence on the main straight to have a gander at what McLaren and BMW are upto.

Unfortunately the FIA and Bridgestone are yet to confirm what the unique identifiable markings are to be on the side wall of the tyres, personally I’m hoping for some brightly coloured stars! Lets hope they aren’t orange though as otherwise Spyker won’t be able to see their own!

Luca Baldisserri looking unimpressed at the thought of bungee-roping