trulli.jpg“I honestly can’t believe the car is so bad” says Jarno Trulli about the new Toyota – yes, the same car that they rebuilt from scratch retaining just the seatbelt from last year. Maybe they should have retained more parts, maybe their engineering department needs some serious looking into, but Trulli says he can draw some consolation from the fact that the Toyota powered Williams is displaying decent form, and so the engine isn’t that bad after all. I don’t know about that, it should just add to the embarrassment at the Toyota camp actually – I would assume it is a bit like Ferrari suddenly discovering Spyker is faster (and if that were the case, I very much doubt if Montezemolo would share Trulli’s sunny optimism about at least the engines being good). But one has to feel sorry for Ralf Schumacher, it is bad enough trying to live up to the legend of his last name without driving a turkey on top of it all. And we all know (despite taking frequent potshots at him) that Ralf can be very quick on a given day with a good car at his disposal.

We don’t know what Spyker is playing at, but they have been hiring drivers by the dozen, even nicking drivers from other teams in the process – and some of them don’t even have a superlicence. With most teams opting to not run a third driver during race weekend, Spyker not only has a third and fourth driver, but also a couple of extra ones. Team boss Collin Kolles made our heads spin a bit at when he said “In Malaysia, we plan to have a Malaysian driver, and in Spain, a Spanish driver” and that means two extra drivers in Fairuz Fauzy and Adrian Valles. Drivers of all nationalities please apply. Ye Gods!

When you read a quote that goes “I just drive” then you immediately know it must be from Kimi Raikkonen – and so it turned out to be. Kimi was asked about the tyre rule requiring running of both specs of tyres in each race, and this was his answer. He must have felt a little sorry for the journo later, for he also added “Monaco could be terrible as the harder tyres will have no grip. But it is the same for everyone”. He forgot to add “Sometimes this happens” but we understand it is implied.

Rubens Barrichello, when asked about Honda’s form, has said “I think we are in the top 10”. Now that sounds like an admirable achievement, but on second thoughts…there are only 11 teams. So is Rubens saying Honda is not the worst team on the grid (surely they looked better than that during preseason testing)? Did he mean to say the two drivers will finish in the top 10 in the championship rankings? We certainly hope it is the latter. Rubens is also the latest to predict great things for Ferrari this year, saying the car clearly looks the fastest (though Montezemolo feels it is all just preseason hype and team should keep their collective head on the shoulders). Signing off.