You have to admire Renault really, no really you do honestly.

Not only are they putting on a brave face on losing a world champion, and for having probably the most revolting colour scheme on their car and overalls ever seen in the history of the sport, (sorry Honda always the bridesmaid never the bride), but in winter testing their performance wasn’t looking particularly hot either.

Renault Driver Giancarlo Fisichella has been bemoaning the fact his granny could get round the track faster in her Renault Clio than he can, and one suspects that if the FIA had plugged in their headsets to listen to the team radio yet we could have been party to some very interesting and colourful language that would make even their car look quite dull.

Admirably as is always the case in Formula 1, the senior management have been coming out with an all toghether more upbeat message about their performance.

Back in the slightly less revolting days…well sort of
cunningplan.JPGAccording to chain-smoking Chief of Engineering Pat Symonds, Renault expect to catch up very quickly to their rivals at Ferrari, BMW-Sauber and McLaren.

“Absolutely, I think we’ve got a few things in place and indeed in the last couple of weeks we’ve closed up on two of them at any rate,” said Symonds after last week’s Bahrain test.

“Our expectations are good­ it will be harder for us than it has been in the last couple of years ­but we’ll be there to fight. I’m very pleased with the progress over the last few days of Bahrain testing.” waffled Pat.

He went on to mutter that although Ferrari had been pace-setters in winter testing they wouldn’t be holding on to their lead in performance for long. Presumably he is plotting to strap gabbling gas-bag team boss Flabby-*** Briatore to the front of the Ferrari that would slow it down no end.

Talking alot of hot air seems to be fairly common place in F1, not just amongst the teams but the journalists who cover the sport also seem to spout alot of cabbage.

jamesallen.JPGMy favourite F1 journalist you will understand is James Allen from ITV F1, who has systematically failed to realise since 2003 that Luca Baldisserri was actually employed by Ferrari as the Race Strategist and Chief Race Engineer and was not there to make scones and jam.

Given that he actually works in the sport and still hasn’t a foggiest who the new Head of Track Ops is, leads me to take all the rest of his ‘informed’ opinions with a large dose of sodium chloride.

Suffice to say Allen being the clever chap he is reckons Kimi has been sandbagging all winter to hide his pace from team mate Felipe Massa. He also claims Ferrari fixed it for Massa to win two races last year to make him look good, and that since the departure of Ross Brawn most of the Ferrari team haven’t got a clue which end of the car is which, let alone know how to make scones and jam….that’s alot of hungry mechanics this year then. Maybe they will do us all a favour, turn cannibal and eat him.