schumiagain.jpgIt is hard to dismiss this as a publicity-seeking stunt by Willi Weber because…well, why on earth would he seek more publicity for da Michael (especially when all Michael has been doing last couple of months is lying low and hoping it will all go away). It can only be assumed that Weber was drunk and talking through his hat, if he did say what he is supposed to have said. We are refering of course to the latest loony story currently doing the rounds – Michael Schumacher is apparently seriously contemplating buying the Scuderia Torro Rosso team. Whoever is making up all these daft news nuggets is certainly working overtime and ought to give the brain cells a rest…and honestly, stop giving FFN so much competition. Let’s see, first Michael was going to be team boss at Ferrari, but then Ross Brawn was also slated in for the role, so Ross had to be shifted to team boss at McLaren, which kind of left Ron Dennis nowhere – so Ron was all set to take over Prodrive….and now Michael is buying STR with the money from selling his retirement gifts? What next? Michael to buy Team Shosholoza with blessings from patron Archbishop Tutu? (He did go sailing with them once). No doubt in a few days we will see news related to Brawn becoming team boss at Schumi-owned STR, Nico Hulkenberg making his 2008 debut with them or even STR being a Ferrari B team buying chassis and engine from Ferrari if customer cars become legal in 2008 (not that the legality of it is stopping STR this year). Who was it who said “Difference between man and monkeys is that monkeys are merely bored, but man has boredom plus imagination”? Right on dot.

Ralf meanwhile seems to be a bit resentful of elder brother still featuring in more season previews than him despite being retired, and seeks to make a few headlines of his own to correct the situation. Ralf says “The Formula 1 title for Toyota is only a question of time”. Yes, but the question is also how much time…a few decades must clearly not be acceptable to the management. And maybe they should start a bit small and aim to win a race first. “I definitely count myself among the three strongest drivers in the world” he adds (maybe he was drunk too), “Certainly Kimi and Alonso are fast (What about young Felipe), but I don’t have any reason to hide behind anyone”. Erm…sure, nothing like self-confidence to keep one going, however misplaced it might be. At least Ralf is talking about himself and his team and staying positive, unlike certain others (Mark Webber comes readily to mind) who just can’t stop whining or stuffing their unsolicited opinions down our collective throats. Ralf resumed his testing at Jerez shortly after the interview, but collided with a bird and had to come back to the pits for repair (Honest, not making it up).

Final bit of news for the day – Nando aka Alonso aims at winning at least 3 world championships, as he feels everyone who is remembered has won 3 or more. “To win one means you might have had the best car, to win 2 is a great achievement, and to win 3…” says Alonso. Well, what can we say? To win seven must mean you are barking mad, as our Schumi no doubt is.