Apparently environmental group Friends of The Earth are none too impressed with Honda’s new livery. The general view is that Honda’s ‘green campaign’ is an empty gesture, a mere cynical ploy designed to cover up the fact the team have failed to attract a major sponsor this winter, rather than any serious attempt to address global environmental concerns.

hondaploy.jpg “There is some Irony in the fact that Honda is attempting to promote the environment and calling on others to address environmental issues when they are contributing to climate change by participating in what is probably the most polluting sport on the planet” said Friends of the Earth spokesperson Emily Armistead.

I’m none too impressed either. I had been happily going along all winter looking forward to the spring months in anticipation of the F1 season. Where I would be spending every other Sunday in my armchair enjoying a few glasses of fine Italian wine, while watching my beloved Ferrari drive pointlessly round in circles and thrash the pants off the opposition (one hopes).

Then later in the summer I was planning on my annual trip to Monza, to soak up a bit of atmosphere, a bit of sunshine and plenty more fine Italian wine, and chatting up a few Ferrari personnel if time allowed.

It’s all gone horribly wrong. I never once expected Honda’s cynical ploy to come back and bite me so viciously in the butt.

Now I like to think of myself as a fairly environmentally-friendly person, I always cycle or walk everywhere (the fact my driving is worse than Yuji Ide’s has nothing to do with it honestly), I never use plastic carrier-bags and I do my fair share of recycling and buying of fair-trade goods (Ross Brawn approved Bananas you understand)…. but this has gone too far.

Seizing on the concept of Honda’s save the world campaign, and her desire to extricate me from my armchair at any cost….my liberal left loony vegetarian flatmate has cancelled my holiday to Monza. As I write she is currently enrolling me to go and save the planet by planting trees and counting caterpillars in the rainforests of Brazil (I’m a bit baffled where caterpillars come in to the equation but anyhow).

It’s not that I’m adverse to a bit of ecological work you understand.…. While I’ll be breaking my back, getting bitten by mosquitos, contracting dengue fever and having the dubious pleasure of sharing my sleeping bag with tarantulas and ear-wigs, not to mention missing the grand prix…..

…Nick Fry, Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello and the rest of Honda’s personnel will be tucked up safely in their beds and not giving a second thought about the planet. And to add insult to injury I’ll be paying for the pleasure.

I suppose one good thing does come out of this rude interruption to my planned summer armchair sit-in, you poor readers will get some peace and quiet at last! Who says Honda does nothing for mankind? 😉