crystalb.jpgIt is suspected that F1 driver Mark Webber has turned into part-time psychic (no not psycho, just psychic) and is running a psychic services agency as a side business, and going by his current form in F1 he might be forced to take it up full time soon. For a guy who went on record stating Formula 1 will not miss Michael Schumacher, he seems to be talking about Michael an awful lot – infact he hardly seems capable of speaking two complete sentences without mentioning the 7 time world champion. So what did Mark see last time he gazed into the crystal ball? “I think Kimi will fit in OK at Ferrari. I think the team has bigger issues than Kimi at the moment. In the end, I think he’ll fit in all right, but I think the level of the whole team will drop off a bit. It won’t be down to Kimi — it’ll just be down to a combination of scenarios.” Oh pray what scenarios Mr. Webber? Do tell us, don’t leave us in such suspense! Or do we have to wait till the next full moon for the insanity to descend? Honestly if the man can drive a F1 car with half the capability he has to spout non-stop balderash at the drop of a hat, then he would have won a couple of world championships by now…or at least a race.

Or maybe Fernando Alonso just hired Webber as his PR agent (if not, Nando should seriously consider it). “The good thing is that Alonso is double world champion” blabs on Webber, though we fail to understand how it is good for Webber if Alonso is world champion. The last we heard, he was not fitting into the Red Bull car, so maybe he ought to be concentrating a bit on that. “Every day of the week Alonso is the benchmark” he is reported to have said, “He’s a more complete driver (than Kimi Raikkonen)”. *Yawn* We at FFN just can’t wait for the season to start, if only to shut Mark Webber up for a while and concentrate on real racing. Not that we have any hopes of arresting Webber’s onset of verbal diarrhea, but at least we will have some other things to distract us from the psychic quack.

Gerhard Berger has meanwhile admitted total ignorance of any plan to sell his stake in STR to Michael Schumacher, and confesses to the news being as much a bolt out of the blue to him as it was for us. No doubt the poor man spilt a substantial amount of coffee on himself while reading the morning news before dashing off frantic calls to Mateschitz. As we suspected, it seems like Willi Weber was just talking through his hat – as is his wont when he is bored and doesn’t know what to do with himself. There must be something about that last name really. Michael Schumacher says the Ferrari team looks very strong right now, and apparently he just can’t wait for the season to start. (Somehow I am finding it difficult to imagine Michael up at an unearthly hour in the morning watching the race on television). “I have the feeling that we are very well prepared for the first race and that we should do well” says Michael (and I will take Michael’s word over Webber’s any day of the week), “I cannot wait for the championship to begin as I think it will be very close and exciting. Now all that I can do is cross my fingers and wish Ferrari the best of luck”. As will we. Forza Ferrari.