bernie.jpgBernie Ecclestone has finally realized that all is not well with the current points system, and has promised to push for reverting it back to what it was before Michael Schumacher raised cain and forced the FIA to change it. Now that Michael is not around, they probably don’t need to worry about anyone winning the world championship with half the races to spare, which if you remember was the original reason for changing it to this absurd system. “If we can’t stop Michael from getting 10 points, let’s at least dole out a lot of points to the other drivers and make it close” was the general idea, resulting in the top 8 positions getting points for finishing and two meagre points separating the winner and the runner-up, starting from 2003. “The decision to award 8 points to the runner-up in a grandprix is not working” says Bernie. Oh yeah? And it took him all this time to notice. We realized it was not a very bright idea as far back as 2003 when Kimi Raikkonen came very close to winning the championship with just 1 race win as opposed to Michael’s 6 wins.

With the current points system awarding consistent finishes rather than race wins, Bernie feels the drivers don’t want to take the risk in pushing for a win, opting to settle for a safe second position instead. “To me, it should be all about winning” says Bernie, “The driver who wins the most races in the season should be the world champion. Points should be used only to decide a tie”. Well, we are a bit dubious about that, but it will be nice to have the old points system back for starters.

Toyota team boss Tsutomu Tomita seems to be of the opinion that the first win is the hardest. “If we win one, I think the tide will turn and we will go from strength to strength” he says. I am not too sure about Toyota going from strength to strength, but it would certainly make their life easier if they won a race. But this might not be likely in the near future as they seem to have no clue as to how to go about it. “People ask me what we need to do to win a race,” says Tomita, “I’d like to ask them the same question”. It is vaguely disturbing that Mr. Tomita would ask us what needs to be done, one would have thought that’s what Toyota is paying him for. Still since he asked…I would think having a competitive car ought to do the trick, but I might be wrong of course.

Meanwhile Jenson Button seems to be a little wary of Damon Hill these days and seems to suspect that the BRDC President might have finally gone off his rocker. We can’t help but side with Jense over this one. “Last season he was very positive and made some positive comments…that I could be a world champion of the future” ponders Button about Damon, “Now it’s the opposite and it’s a little bit negative”. This is referring of course to the statement Damon made previously that Jense should leave Honda immediately or he is doomed and the clock is ticking or something to that effect. A little rich coming from Damon considering he was not exactly a young lad when he won the championship. “I am very happy with where I am” insists Button, “We are growing as a team all the time. It’s a fantastic atmosphere and I think we will be challenging for the world championship in the future – I’m very sure of that”. Our sincere good wishes to Button, he certainly deserves a good car.