Since Ferrari’s ex-Technical Director Ross Brawn decided to pack his bags and head off on into the sunset on his round the world fishing tour, many people have been scratching their heads.

gonefishing1.JPGOne of the burning questions occupying their minds is just how Ferrari will cope without the man who strategically guided the team to those five consecutive years of global domination.

In fact many notable pundits have been predicting the wheels would come off the Ferrari bandwagon very quickly, so it must have been with great pleasure that Ferrari took their first win of the season on Sunday under their new look team. Ferrari’s long wheel-based car which more than a handful of rivals were guffawing at back at is launch in January, is actually proving to be quite fast …much to the chagrin of the rest of the pit-lane.

It is now the job of Ross Brawn’s protegee Luca Baldisserri (known as Baldo to his friends and tifosi), Ferrari’s new Head of Trackside Operations, to be the team’s chief strategist. The season opener in Melbourne saw the quiet little poppet strategically guide his team to victory in his first effort alone on the pit-wall.

lucapitwall1.JPGWhen asked how he felt after the race, Baldo apparently commented that his pulse had been racing wildly during the entire length of the grand prix (no different from us F1 fans then).

Baldo was very pleased for Kimi’s maiden victory for the team, but felt it would have been more beautiful to have both of the Ferrari’s fighting it out at the sharp end of the grid. (instead of Felipe Massa having to fight his way from the back due to his gearbox gremlins during qualifying).

Baldo went onto explain that their has been alot of pressure on the team due to the introduction of an entirely new technical structure at Ferrari during the winter, but happily explained that the F2007 seemed very fast indeed (especially considering Massa was able to fight all the way from the back to 6th position).

Baldo thanked the entire team, including the test team, engineers and mechanics for their efforts and went on to say that without all their hard work over the last few months the team would not be in the happy position they were now.

Not a bad effort for a team that was supposed to descend rapidly into chaos without Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn, eh Mr. Lauda?

Meanwhile the ex Ferrari pilot and triple world champion Niki Lauda, who back in September predicted Ferrari’s doom if the team was left in the hands of Italians, has conveniently forgotten his slightly silly comments (must be old age).

nikilauda1.JPGThe Austrian has completely changed tack and complimented Kimi Raikkonen on his first victory with the Maranello based team, despite just a few months ago saying Kimi was good at driving fast but not really much else. I may be wrong, but I thought driving fast was actually pretty much the point of being a Formula 1 driver….

Having completely ignored the fact that in September 2006 he thought Ferrari would drop into a chaotic abyss in the post-Schumacher/Brawn era, Lauda has now turned about face in the German Media and is saying that he can’t understand why people would think Ferrari wouldn’t continue to be successful…..right…..keep taking the medication….

Swiftly changing subject the former Ferrari pilot has now turned his attentions to Fernando Alonso, and is claiming that Nando is a very good thing indeed for McLaren. Well he might just well be, but given Mr. Lauda’s propensity for making silly statements I’ll not be putting my money on anything he predicts in future thank you very much.