Isn’t it funny how the mass dampers issue was a ‘technical dispute’, but the moving floors issue is a ‘cheating row’? That’s our fair, impartial media for you…talk about biased reporting! (but then we should be used to it by now, shouldn’t we?) The mass damper, though originally rumored to have been protested by Ron Dennis (who is so addicted to filing official protests by now that he can’t quite help himself), was often talked about as Ferrari’s off-track attempt to cripple Renault’s championship campaign. “How can it be illegal when Renault used it in 2005 as well?” was the general question. Well, the supposed ‘moving floor’ was also in use by Ferrari last year, including Brazil 2006. If Ferrari’s method of mounting the front section of the floor on the car is deemed illegal because of Ron’s protest, it will be interesting to note if Alonso will consider it to be unsporting like he did with the mass dampers (or if he will have his hands full trying to stave off the Lewis Hamilton threat). Just a thought.

Any talk about incessant whiners will be incomplete without the mention of Flavio Briatore. If you thought all the public lambasting that he (quite unfairly in my opinion) doled out to Kovalainen would have cooled him off a bit, you are obviously mistaken. Flavio now directs his ire towards Fisichella – “By the second half of the race Giancarlo was already back in the hotel” he is rumored to have said. The presence of Nelson Piquet Jr. will be looming quite ominously on the two Renault drivers now. In Mark Webber’s words, it is like your girlfriend has already found a new boyfriend…or something like that. 

schumiadvert1.jpgSo what has Schumi been up to apart from placing early morning calls to Kimi Raikkonen? Michael is scheduled to be shifting residence later this week, to his rather modest Swiss mansion built on a private beach next to Lake Geneva. ‘Schloss Schumi’, as the erm….house is called, boasts of 30-car underground heated garage, private filling station, wellness center, cinema theater coupled with bar and a helicopter landing pad. The only thing it lacks is a hanger and runway for his private plane. It also has a mammoth trophy room to accomodate the insane number of trophies he has collected on podiums through his career (Infact it is rumored that one of the main reasons for his retirement was that he was running out of space in the trophy room, and one more year would have meant additional expense and time in expanding the room). Oh did I mention a tower and a climbing wall? In his spare time, Schumi is said to be promoting Swiss agriculture and supporting Swiss farmers, we don’t know what on earth for . The adverts feature him gazing dreamily into the skies wearing a blue shirt with some undecipherable (to me at least) German text thrown in (picture on left). F1 as a sport may or may not be missing Michael Schumacher, but Michael for sure doesn’t seem to be missing F1 one bit, which is great.

All this talk about rifles and violence towards non-cooperative backmarkers has left Adrian Sutil bristling with indignance. Sutil, if you remember, was given a drive through penalty in the Australian GP for holding up Lewis Hamilton. He apparently spoke to the McLaren drivers and they felt the penalty was unfair, just as he did. What made it much worse was the fact that Sutil was given another penalty for speeding in the pitlane while carrying out the drive-through penalty. Thankfully the race ended before the situation could regress into an infinite loop.