Well the FIA’s bright idea to make it possible for spectators of Formula 1 to identify which type of tyre compound a team is using at any given point during a grand prix, has fallen as flat as a pancake.

During the Australian Grand Prix it became evident that unless a car was stationary, it was darned near impossible to actually spot the unique identifying marking (a small white blob) that has been painted onto the side of the softer compound of tyres. Another in a long line of fantastically stupid ideas from the Federation of Idiots and Amateurs then.

Leading figures in the pit lane are now calling for the unique identifiable marking to be made more obvious in an attempt to help spectators gain an insight into the fascinating secretive world of F1 race strategy. However, it is thought it will not be possible for Bridgestone to make a change to the tyres until the Spanish Grand Prix…so until then we are still as much in the dark as we ever were. Personally as long as a car has one on each corner and they stay on, I couldn’t really give a monkey’s brass broom-stick what type they are using…

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renaulttyres.JPGIt’s not just Joe Public who is having difficulty getting to grips with the tyres, former World Championship winning team Renault are claiming that they have lost out in the switch from Michelin’s last season to sole suppliers Bridgestone’s tyres in 2007. Renault are claiming that up until the point they shod their 2007 car in Bridgestones it was really well balanced and far superior to the McLaren, once the Bridgestones went on apparently it was all down hill from there on in.

Although it is pretty hard to take this latest claim at all seriously, considering the rate of knots at which excuses have been flying out of Renault since before the season began. First off it was the loss of Fernando Alonso, then the tyres, then Fisichella wasn’t going fast enough, then it was rookie Heikki Kovaleinen’s fault for being a novice…..the only excuse that hasn’t come out yet is that its Ferrari’s fault somehow….we can but wait for Flavio Briatore to spew forth on that subject (although one does feel he may have been beaten to it somewhat by Ron Dennis already).

hondacar.JPG Another team that is struggling to get to grips with their car as well as with reality, is Honda. It seems the spent so long all winter coming up with a clever, eye catching and socially concious car design that they actually forgot to put their 2007 car in the wind tunnel to see if it worked. Honda pilot Jenson Button has claimed that the RA107 has a fundamental aerodynamic problem which is effecting the handling of the car.

Team Boss Nick Fry has attempted to put a more positive spin on the subject claiming that although there is an aerodynamic problem, Honda’s huge resources means it is only a matter of time before they have resolved the issue. Given that they have been telling us the last 7 years at least they are going to be title contenders each season, I’m not going to start counting my chickens just yet. One has to wonder though, will making a revision to their aerodynamic package mean some tectonic plate movement on their car design? Personally I’m going to get a request in to have Great Britain moved a bit closer to Africa in the hope for a bit more sunshine!