Boys will be boys, and inside every Formula 1 engineer secretly hides a frustrated racing driver just desperate to get out.

Red Bull Racing Technical Director Adrian Newey is a case in point, with the car designer for Red Bull and Torro Rosso apparently confirming that he will be taking part in the Le Mans 24 hour race later this year.

adriannewey.JPGObviously the frustration of watching his creations driving round towards the back end of the grid is such that he is desperate to get his speed fix somehow, he will be risking life and limb driving a Ferrari 430 GT2 alongside two other Brits in the Le Mans competition due to take place in June.

Apparently two other former F1 personnel will also be taking part in Le Mans, ex- drivers Jacques Villeneuve and Johnny Herbert.

Its a bit ironic really considering Red Bull fought tooth and nail not to be given Ferrari engines for their car this season, but their chief designer can’t wait to get his hands on one…

Now I could be wrong, but I do recall our Adrian having a little bit of a mishap last time he decided to play ‘Michael Schumacher’, rumour has it he crashed the car and got a little bump on the head. I’m sure Mrs. Newey is going to be absolutely thrilled at the prospect of Adrian playing silly beggars again. I wonder if another bump might knock some sense into him and stop him making extremely complicated turkeys to baffle the Red Bull contingent with.

kimicanthearyou.JPGAnother rumour coming out of the pitlane regards Kimi Raikonnen’s radio problems during the Australian GP. According to ITV F1, the reason why Kimi was only able to receive messages and not make any on his Ferrari radio is due to the fact the team have just installed a new digital radio system with military grade encryption.

Rumour has it that Ferrari are still trying to iron out bugs in the Tetra radio system, and while they were banking on no-one else getting to hear what they were saying they didn’t reckon on it effecting Kimi. Seems a convenient enough excuse to be selectively deaf, ignore the boss when he is nagging and thrash the car hell for leather!

Finally, it is rumoured that Ferrari’s secret team-boss, car-tester, landscape gardener and car designer Michael Schumacher will be attending a handful of Grand Prix this season in the capacity of his ‘top secret’ role at Ferrari.

The former 7 times World Champion will be attending Barcelona, Monaco and the Nurburgring…but to what end we can only guess…..personally I think its Ferrari’s way of getting their own back on the F1 journalists by winding them up to fever pitch…..question is considering its all so top secret, does Michael actually know to turn up let alone what he is doing if he gets there?