Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone just doesn’t stop. While the fans sit back, relax and reflect what has just happened at the last grand prix…. The little gremlin is hard at it hatching his next plan for expanding his empire and plotting global domination.

bernie.JPGPerhaps someone needs to tell him there are no pockets is shrouds and you can’t take it with you, that’s unless he is off somewhere building his own pyramid of course. But one can’t help thinking if he had military training…. he could be quite dangerous indeed even at his height.

Recently we have seen Bernie looking to expand the F1 calendar into new and exciting markets (and not forgetting ones more willing to stump up some hard cold cash) away from the traditional tracks in Europe.

Abu Dhabi has been confirmed to be hosting a Grand Prix from 2009 in a seven-year deal with our midget, while South Korea will be hosting Grand Prix from 2010. There has also been talk this year of possible future races to be located in India, Mexico and Russia…. you can just imagine the F1 engineers in Sombrero’s and Poncho’s can’t you?

Also under consideration are some of the Asian races, Shanghai or Fuji could be turned into night time races…. Although the mind boggles as to how you light up the cars and tracks so you can actually see what is going on…. Ever the joker, Bernie suggests the F1 drivers could wear mining hats…. Let’s hope Renault have been practising getting their wheelnuts on in the dark!

Bernie is now back to casting his critical eye over the more traditional European tracks; already he has suggested that France and Great Britain take turns to share a race, which has had the British bristling with indignation. Bernie has made no secret of his desire to get rid of Silverstone from the F1 calendar for its vastly outdated facilities.

This week he has decided it is the turn of Magny-Cours to get the axe, the French circuit according to our sprightly little supremo does not enjoy the best popularity amongst the fans. The circuit is located in the middle on nowhere, the drivers complain it isn’t fast enough, journalists don’t like it and the stands are half empty even on a grand Prix weekend according to our Bernie….

disneylandparis.JPGSo where would he like to see the replacement we wonder? Disneyland in Paris. According to Bernie, Paris is one of the most popular tourist areas in the world and ideal to put on a stage of the F1 calendar. I know the Hungarian Grand Prix has a reputation of being a bit Mickey Mouse but this is getting ridiculous.

Apparently the parking lots and infrastructure at the popular tourist attraction could be temporarily taken over and re-designed into a race track for the grand prix weekend for a fairly modest sum of money (I expect his version of a modest sum of money might differ from ours). Whether this is all just pie in the sky at the moment we can’t tell, but I’m curious who will be adjudicating the race should it happen? Goofy?