It didn’t take long for McLaren Mercedes rookie and British driver Lewis Hamilton to get the British Formula 1 fans undergarments in a twist.

lewis.JPGIn the three days following on from the rookie’s Formula 1 dream debut in Melbourne Australia, the Silverstone track which will host the British round of the Grand Prix calendar, has been inundated with enquiries and ticket requests.

The Silverstone call centre has been flooded with requests and ticket sales have soared to over 200% more than in the 3 days prior to the race in Melbourne. This is despite all winter the ticket office offering £50 off anyone who wanted to book early to come and see Jenson Button. Oh dear poor Jense. How fickle the British are!

Not only is Jense enduring a torrid time at Honda driving a car that apparently is aerodynamically arguing with itself (the mind boggles). But he has lost his billing as media darling and top British hope as well and all to a guy who has only performed in one race to boot.

To make matters worse for old Jense, the British press do like harping on about Lewis Hamilton to him, asking him how pleased is he for his fellow Brit. Jense must be biting his tongue and gnashing his teeth…and generally feeling a bit like Rubens Barrichello did during his entire time working in the shadow of Michael “I’m a god” Schumacher (always the bridesmaid never the bride eh Rubens?).

Double World Champion Emmerson Fittipaldi, however, thinks the British are counting their chickens before they have hatched and does not expect to see Lewis Hamilton winning a race in his first year as a Formula 1 driver. Fernando Alonso can stop sweating now.

While the Brits are getting all giddy and geared up for the prospect of seeing Lewis fight it out for the British Grand prix in July and asking “Jenson Who?” …Spyker Ferrari are getting all geared up for a courtroom drama.

Yesterday it was revealed by various media sources, that Spyker have now officially launched arbitration proceedings against Super Aguri and Scuderia Torro Rosso in the ‘customer car row’.

It is understood that legal papers will be issued within days to the two teams at the centre of the row, whom Spyker Ferrari accuse of not complying with the Concorde Agreement.

Both Scuderia Torro Rosso and Super Aguri will be called to the Chamber of Commerce in Lausanne, which oversees any disputes concerning the Concorde Agreement.

Basically the dispute centres around claims by Spyker Ferrari that Scuderia Torro Rosso and Super Aguri do not own the intellectual rights to the cars and did not construct them, therefore they are not entitled to earn any points or revenue for being a “constructor”. We can sort of see Spyker’s point.

Super Aguri are running a repackaged version of last years Honda (incidentally Honda must be wondering why they aren’t running it themselves considering the hash of a job they have made of this year’s car), and Scuderia Torro Rosso are running basically a Red Bull RB3, with a different paint job and a different engine.

And I always thought it was supposed to be girls who were the argumentative ones…. order order I say!

luckypants.JPGIncidentally, there are rumours circulating various F1 Internet forums that you can now purchase a pair of 7 times World Champion Michael Schumacher’s lucky nomex fireproof underpants.

According to the rumours the worn undergarments are going for around the princely sum of $425 US Dollars. Given Felipe Massa’s penchant for wearing unclean pants because he thinks they are lucky, we are wondering if he will be going straight out to get a pair.

After all with a lucky pair of underpants he won the Brazilian Grand Prix, so there is no reason why he can’t go on to win a world championship or three with such a good luck charm. One has to wonder if the Ferrari Engineers will find it so charming….