kimstervacation1.JPGWhen Kimi Raikkonen made off to Thailand shortly following the Australian GP, he was perhaps looking for a bit of peace and quiet – well earned I am sure after his emphatic victory last Sunday. But little did he realize half the F1 population would soon be descending upon the same destination shortly to give him company (Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton just to name a few), and Kimi is reportedly not too pleased about not being able to move a few inches without running into someone familiar. Apparently his facial muscles have already been placed under tremendous strain during the race weekend owing to strict instructions from Stefano Domenicali to keep a permanent grin plastered on his face. And he was hoping to recover from the same in relative solitude, without having to smile and wave at every second person. It is bad enough living in Switzerland where you can’t throw a stone without beaning a F1 driver or former F1 great. Fernando Alonso however, (in keeping with his growing reputation as being Michael Schumacher’s successor in the department of being a pain-in-the-neck to his engineers between race weekends), will not be taking a vacation and instead will travel back to Woking to ‘test new solutions’. He will be using the McLaren driver simulator, compared to which “Renault’s is like PlayStation” according to Nando. Now Sony would like to think Nando is complimenting Renault here, but we think otherwise.

datuk2.JPG(Just in case you have forgotten what JT looks like with the Datuk hat on)

Jean Todt is reportedly very excited about the Malaysian grand prix…and no, not just because of Ferrari’s supremacy on the track this year. This is the first grand prix to be held in Malaysia after Todt has been made Datuk, and he feels that should stand for something. It is not known if he will be wearing his Datuk hat to celebrate…but he will be wearing his red Ferrari jumper for sure (he is known to even sleep in them). Meanwhile Ross Brawn has finally admitted that there might be something about the Ferrari car that is causing the drivers to take a snooze whilst driving it – something Michael has been unsuccesfully trying to convince him about for years now. “On one occasion – just about ten laps before the end the race – I almost fell asleep!” Kimi has admitted, “I got distracted, my concentration levels dropped a bit and I blocked the wheels and took turn number 3 slightly too wide: even without radio I knew that the team was saying – Kimi, wake up!”. Well, we can only imagine what the team would have said had he had not woken up in time to avert disaster…and it might not have been something as mild as “Kimi, wake up”, so thank heavens it worked out otherwise.

Meanwhile Christian Albers has gone on record with the official reason for crashing into the tyre wall on Sunday – “because I was 30 metres too late on the braking! When the radio came loose I was looking down, so was a little bit too late…” (Colin Kolles: “Pardon me? You were looking where?!!”). Finally, rounding up the news for the day, Juan Pablo (“The grapes are sour”) Montoya apparently didn’t enjoy watching the Australian GP. “It is too predictable, by lap 3 Kimi had like a six seconds lead. Why are you going to watch? I’ll be surprised if I even watch anymore” says Montoya, and we very much doubt if Bernie Ecclestone would be having anxiety attacks about having lost Montoya’s viewership. We admit having Montoya around was exciting because of his tendency to take out half the field at the very first corner, but it is not too bad watching all 22 cars making it through safely either. So good luck Juan Pablo, and thanks for letting us know your opinion (not that we give a darn about it). That’s it for today then. Forza!