michael.jpgNurburgring has gone ahead and named a corner (the one after Dunlop hairpin) after Michael Schumacher, calling it the ‘Schumacher S’ (Which is rather a tongue-twister, try saying it fast 10 times). “It was imperative we did something prestigious to honor him” says Walter Kaffitz, director of the race track, “Schumacher is the greatest driver in the history of German motorsport”. Well, it has taken them a while to realize it and it’s about time now, and as they say – better late than never. The last time a corner was named after Schumi though, it was rather unofficial and was by the other drivers (in 2003) who referred to the then new Veedol chicane as “Schiki-Miki-curve’ or ‘Schumi chicane’ when he came up with the bright idea of changing the S shaped chicane into a Z shaped one. And this didn’t go down very well with the driver community (nothing ever does anyway). Now it is all good, and very officially so in recognition of his immense contribution to motorsport. Michael will return to the 2007 German grand prix on 22 July and drive a lap of honor, and in the process will be the first to drive around the new ‘Schumacher S’. We don’t know which car he will be driving, but we are betting it will not be his FIAT Multipla. Of course the Nurburgring officials will also be hoping that what with Schumi’s scheduled lap of honor and all that, a few more people will turn up for the race apart from the marshals and race track employees.

Meanwhile Eddie Jordan has suddenly popped out of the woodwork to opine that Ferrari should plaster Kimi with alcohol if they want to win the world championship, for apparently an inebriated Raikkonen is a better driver than a Raikkonen limited to guzzling orange juice. “If you change someone’s make-up they don’t perform to their best” says Eddie-the-wise, “When you sign a driver with Raikkonen’s talent you just have to accept the way he likes to live his life”. The last we heard Ferrari wasn’t really trying to map out anyone’s life, and Eddie’s later comments makes us suspect Eddie has been off F1 for far too long and is confusing Ferrari with McLaren. No, he didn’t refer to Jean Todt as ‘that tall, bald chap with a permanent frown’, but he did say Ferrari shouldn’t try to mould Kimi into one of those corporate clones. Well, if Ron Dennis has tried and failed, it can be safely assumed Ferrari doesn’t stand any chance of ‘moulding’ Kimi whatsoever. “My kids are his age” adds Eddie, “And I know what a good night out means to them”. But I bet Eddie’s kids don’t drive a Ferrari F1 racing car every second week. One has to concede that Jean Todt was being fair when he said he didn’t mind Kimi’s occasional drunken binges as long as he didn’t make a song and dance out of it and kept it discreet, and as long as Ferrari and Kimi are happy we don’t see how it is any of Eddie Jordan’s business.  And finally, Ralf Schumacher might be carrying the concept of positive thinking to entirely new levels – “I still think we can win a race this year” he says, and no, we don’t think he meant it as a joke. But the Toyota certainly has a higher probability of winning a race than Honda does currently, so let’s wait and watch.