Well, what can I say? This just goes to show how incredibly magnanimous we tifosi and ‘schufosi’ are. We might occasionally poke fun at a rival car’s livery (the Renault Rainbow) or its explosive nature (the detonating McLarens). Okay, I admit we might also sometimes question the collective sanity of the opposition (but with Flavio and Nando in the same team last year, can you really fault us?) But when we feel someone is being unfairly accused of something, we are quick to stand up to the person’s defense, be it a rival driver or team boss.

So thanks to Suzy for standing up to Nando’s defense despite being a Schumi fan. When disappointed Alonso fans accuse him of “treating fans like crap” by refusing to sign autographs or pose for photos, “looking at them with disgust” to make things worse, Suzy points out that Nando cannot really be blamed. His “look of disgust” she says, is just something that happens to be stuck on his map like it or not, it is just the way he regularly is. She offers photographic proof in addition. Now that ought to settle things. Thanks Suzy!