What a chirpy chappie young Heikki Kovaleinen is.

Who would believe just a few weeks ago his career as a Formula 1 driver got off to a bit of a wobbly start? After the tears and tantrums have subsided in the Renault garage (and none of them from Heikki himself we can assure you) Heikki has forgotten the ‘disaster’ that was Melbourne and is looking forward to the Malaysian Grand Prix.

heikkikov1.jpgHere at FFN we can’t help feeling it all got blown way out of all proportion anyway, I mean what was the worst that happened? The young Finn had a few off track excursions during the last grand prix, and lets face it even 7 times World Champion Michael Schumacher used to have a few of those…just to ensure his fans weren’t secretly napping when they should have been poised on the edge of the seat trembling with nerves. But you know Flavio Briatore being the colourful chap he is, wouldn’t be himself if he wasn’t jumping up and down and screaming hysterically like a girl and that’s before the car has even left the grid.

Heikki himself is a bit more composed we are pleased to see, and says there are positive things to be learned from the last race…things that he can take forward and ensure do not happen in future. Well we can’t disagree with that, learning from experience is what it is all about and now he knows the car will generally go faster on tarmac than grass and gravel we expect he’ll be giving the grassy knolls a wide berth in future.

Let’s face it, if everyone in Formula 1 took Flavio’s ranting seriously there wouldn’t be many people left in the sport.

Moving on from one hissy fit to the next…..

It is expected that this week will be a testing time for all Formula 1 teams after the FIA clampdown on movable floors, as all teams will be rushing to ensure they are not caught out by the new stringent tests.

ferrarif2007.jpgThe impact is expected to be felt further down the pit lane than just Ferrari and BMW-Sauber who are at the centre of the controversy. Rumour has it over half of the grid has had to make modifications to the floors of their cars to ensure they comply fully with the new stance held by the FIA. In fact only a handful of teams have admitted they have not had to make any modifications and that includes Super Aguri and Williams.

Renault’s Head of Race Engineering Alan Permane admitted that he is not surprised so many teams have now had to make modifications, claiming that is an area on the car which teams have been openly exploiting for years. Permane even concurred to what most of us always thought… “There is always something to start the season, isn’t there,” he said. “Someone always sees something on the car. There is always a flexible wing, or a bendy something.” Glad it’s not just me rolling my eyes at yet another ‘drama’ then.

Given that most teams have had to make modifications to meet the strict new guidelines, it would be rather laughable if McLaren have unwittingly shot themselves in the foot and had to make modifications themselves considering they were the ones who went to ‘snitch’ to the FIA.

Of the two teams at the centre of the storm-in-a-teacup, BMW-Sauber have admitted they are “looking into it”. Ferrari have adopted that good old ‘cloak and dagger’ approach, admitted nothing and sent out that silver-tongued spokesman Luca Colajanni to inform us “as usual we will do whatever will be required according to the FIA regulations and specifications.” Just once in a while, I wish they would go mad, throw a tantrum and nut Ron Dennis.

According to autosport.com leading technical figures in the sport believe that the banning of movable floors in unlikely to make much difference to the fight at the front of the field. Which really makes one wonder why on earth did serial snitchers McLaren make such a song and dance about it to start with?