One really does have to wonder on occasion just exactly which reality some of these so-called Formula 1 “experts” come from.

Here at FFN we are scratching our heads and trying to work out just why McLaren’s CEO Martin Whitmarsh believes his team will be catching and even overtaking Ferrari in Sepang, Malaysia.

After the Grand Prix in Melbourne, Mr Whitmarsh went on record to the media claiming that McLaren will be aiming to improve their car’s performance by 1-2 tenths of a second every grand prix weekend. At Melbourne you may remember in the race McLaren were a full second a lap off of the race pace of Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen.

mathsdirect.jpgNaturally it comes as a bit of a surprise this week to hear Mr Whitmarsh claiming that Ferrari are within McLaren’s grasp. Now I don’t claim to be any kind of genius at mathematics bur I’m pretty sure McLaren have got their sums fundamentally wrong, either that or they have insanely long arms.

“Ron, I’ve found a fantastic new gadget for the team! its an Abacus!”

Last time I checked if a second was split into tenths generally as a rule it has 10, not the odd 1 or 2 as McLaren seem to think it has. But given that McLaren reckon they can catch up 1-2 tenths eack race weekend, it will probably take them five more races to work out what that red dot disappearing into the distance is.

Even BMW-Sauber’s Nick Heidfeld has gone on record today to to claim Ferrari have an advantage over the rest of the pack. Quick Nick also confirms that he doesn’t expect the new floor test brought in by the FIA in response to the ‘Moving Floor’ Saga, to have any significant impact on the performance of the two teams at the centre of the controversy, Ferrari and BMW.

“I don’t expect any issues with us,” Heidfeld told “I don’t expect any big change for anyone, including Ferrari.

“They are one and a half second quicker than anyone, and changing the floor does not take that away,” added the German driver.

It’s a bit sad when a driver has to point out the obvious to the “experts” especially considering Formula 1 drivers are not renowned for their vast academic prowess.

Meanwhile on the subject of getting a grasp on reality, we are wondering just exactly has happened to the German Media of late. All winter long they had us entertained with some fantastic fanciful stories, then *poof* all of a sudden they have gone very quiet.

Have they been kidnapped?

ascanelli.jpgOne has to wonder because this week Scuderia Torro Rosso has confirmed they have a new Technical Director. Giorgio Ascanelli a former Ferrari and Maserati man is to take over at the helm of the STR team replacing Alex Hitzinger from the Malaysian Grand Prix onwards.

Knowing the German press’ ability to turn the smallest thing into a sure fire expose, I’m wondering when this will be touted as official confirmation that Schumi is climbing aboard the STR express. Especially when you take into consideration the two men did actually happen to be in the Ferrari team together for a few years.

Whoever has taken the poor little Germanic press darlings I’m sure will be returning them for July, when it is rumoured on-sabbatical ex-Ferrari Technical Director Ross Brawn will no doubt be taking over the FIA (if Michael doesn’t beat him to it), joining the circus as a performing bear, becoming a UN inspector and running for Italian Prime Minister.

We’ll keep you posted.