redkimi.jpgWell, it is mind boggling to say the least. Who would have thought the day would come when Ferrari would be criticized for treating both drivers equally and supposedly hindering their championship campaign! It’s a bit like accusing Michael Schumacher of tame startline tactics and urging him to be more aggressive in swerving across, if you get what I mean. Jean Todt cannot understand just what it is that everyone wants from Ferrari, and was last seen clutching his forehead and pottering about the paddock no doubt regretting not sneaking in his retirement announcement early enough. The media now feels McLaren is being very ‘smart’ in having a clear No. 1 driver in Fernando Alonso with the very talented Hamilton playing the support role to perfection. Now wait a minute, isn’t that what we had been doing all along at Ferrari (though it would be bit of a stretch to call Rubens ‘very talented’)…what the deuce was everyone complaining about earlier then? Really, one can’t help but wonder if all is well with the mental health in the paddock sometimes. Anyway, as it stands, Ferrari is being urged to pick a No.1 soon and not have their drivers take points off each other. Crazy world indeed.

Poor Felipe has been having a rough time after the Sepang grand prix, and he is learning just what it is to be a potential championship contender for Ferrari – we tifosi do have this tendency to harp on mistakes and rub it in. Still he can derive some consolation from the fact that not even Michael Schumacher was spared a sound ribbing from the fans when he made the occasional un-Schumacher-esque mistake. After a rough start to the 2003 season (when the media was suggesting he should take to milking cows instead) Schumi remarked “Well, when you peform like this you cannot expect to be praised”…and the same holds true for Felipe, especially after a start that practically amounted to parking his car in a corner and waving everyone past. “I could see Alonso running away” says Massa, “I had a car with which I could maybe go with him, so I was only thinking of overtaking Hamilton. It wasn’t easy, but I tried anyway. In the end I’m not sorry I did because sometimes you have to. You have to try in life and if tomorrow I am in the same position, I would try again”. Yes Felipe, do go ahead and try again by all means, but just make sure you end up in front of the other car next time, and not three cars behind. The key of course is staying awake at the start, I am told that always helps. Personally, I will be rooting for Massa (and Kimi) yet again this weekend, and I hope he pulls it off because he certainly has the potential to.

Meanwhile Kimi Raikkonen has been busy telling everyone about his ailing engine, just in case anyone was wondering just what on earth he was doing in the last race. Initially, there was the eager anticipation that Kimi was going to take over and just blast his way past Hamilton, and then there was the dull resignation that Kimi was going to do nothing of that sort whatsoever. The race itself was a bit like watching paint dry. Kimi seems to agree – “I always want to fight for the victory. That is why I felt a little bit disappointed and empty inside when I had to race just in a way to be able to finish it. It is like playing a football game defending a goalless draw”. Still, given a fresh engine, we are sure Kimi will be back to roaring form, and that bodes well for Bahrain. Kimi is optimistic for the next race and says “When we have our whole package working 100%, we should be back to the same speed as what we had in Melbourne”. Yes, that would be just what the doctor ordered after the migraine from the previous race. 3 days to go for the Bahrain GP.