Good news for Ferrari! McLaren does not intend to remain competitive for long, and team boss Ron Dennis promises it will be a two (prancing) horse race in the near future. That is rather generous of him of course, and rather suspicious coming from someone like Ron Dennis, but Felipe and Kimi will not be complaining. Ron was asked how long he expects the four Ferrari and McLaren drivers to fight it out on similar terms, and this is what he had to say – “As short as possible. We have every intention of making it as short as possible, although we don’t know if we will make it that way”. Oh come on now Ron, don’t be modest, of course you can make this as short as possible. The McLaren team just needs to draw from its oodles of experience in making detonating cars and dispense with all this newly-found reliability, and all will be right with the world again.

nandodennis.jpgMeanwhile FFN’s cleverly placed sources in the paddock have revealed the reason for Fernando Alonso’s lackluster performance in Bahrain, and the man can scarcely be blamed. A well known website confirms “Ron Dennis, sat on a bench beneath one of the coverings on Thursday, had summoned Alonso by telephone and the pair duly began what appeared to be a very intimate conversation”. Ron says “We were really just talking about a couple of things. About life in general, talking about opening laps and things like that”. What an odd mixture of topics – life in general…and opening laps?! And considering how Ron can make your head spin a bit even when talking about something as mundane as motorhomes, imagine discussing metaphysics with Ron in the Bahrain heat! No wonder the poor befuddled Nando couldn’t think straight for three days after, and was walking about the paddock with glazed eyes and in zombie state. He was no doubt wondering just what he had let himself into. Add to this all the hype surrounding rookie teammate Lewis Hamilton, however well deserved it may be (there is no denying the guy is a top talent), no wonder the 2 time world champion has been speaking in terse, clipped sentences recently. The next journo to ask Nando about Hamilton will be best advised to wear a helmet, and can you blame him really? There is one thing F1 drivers don’t do, and that is to gush effervescently about another F1 driver. Some call it ego, some call it plain common sense.

And speaking of common sense, don’t you think Kimi has been displaying too much of it in recent times, to the extent that one wishes he would just drop it and race the wheels off like he usually does? When the tifosi expressed their anxiety about Kimi’s supposed car-breaking style of driving, they weren’t exactly bargaining for this muted version either, we would like something in the middle range please, if it is not too much trouble. It’s all well to be sensible and maximize points, but we liked the old Kimi better…let’s hope the return to Europe will bring back the racing driver we know and like. Still kudos to Kimi for his consistency, and to Felipe for a sterling drive in the face of immense pressure. Forza.