schumianddennis.jpgRon Dennis would have us believe that had it not been for the small matter of cap logo, Michael Schumacher would have spent the last few years of his F1 career driving a McLaren Mercedes instead. If you are telling yourself “Good old Ron, he will be trying to convince us next that it was Schumi’s childhood dream to drive for McLaren”, well the exact same thought crossed our minds too. Michael Schumacher told us earlier that the main reason he didn’t drive for McLaren was owing to his exceptional prudence…or rather that he couldn’t quite imagine working in close proximity with Ron Dennis without developing cardio-vascular problems. And Mercedes, however much they might have liked hiring a driver of his caliber, couldn’t really tell the team owner to go do something else and leave them alone – so that was that. If what Ron Dennis says is true though(which is highly unlikely), it does make us regard cap logos with a certain newly-found respect and admiration. It also leads us to believe that there is too much cynicism in this world and there is indeed such a thing as guardian angels after all, and that they must have been working overtime to ensure the unthinkable didn’t happen. No offense to the Ron Dennis fan club (of which Ron’s mother might be the sole member), but between Michael Schumacher and Ron Dennis I think I have a fairly good idea of whose words to take.

Now Fernando Alonso is either badly rattled (according the Spanish media) or not really so (according to Norbert Haug). Given Nando’s track record of buttonholing stray journos and waxing on and on about how he feels ‘alone’ and ‘unsupported’ by the team (even with Renault falling all over themselves to help Nando to his championship), it wouldn’t surprise me if he is a bit ‘rattled’ after all. Of course all these insensitive comments from the McLaren camp (Dennis and Whitmarsh) about how Hamilton might be the greatest post-Schumi must be making Alonso go “Hey! I am the 2 time world champion here, ain’t I?” and you have to agree he has a point. He was apparently asked if he felt he had the full support of the team, and Nando is reported to have frostily remarked “This is a question you have to ask Ron Dennis”. We would like to ask Ron Dennis, but we are afraid we won’t really understand the answer, so we might as well leave it at that.

Norbert Haug meanwhile will have none of this nonsense of his star driver being rattled, protesting that “Fernando was congratulating Lewis in Bahrain”. And the significance of that is….what really? “You saw in the TV interviews afterwards he was smiling and happy to give interviews” continues Haug, “he is a great guy”. Erm…we are not entirely sure if Haug is talking about Fernando Alonso here, for we have never quite seen Alonso ‘smiling and happy to give interviews’ ever. We hope Haug hasn’t been going about confusing Nando with Hamilton once more. Barcelona should be interesting given the situation. Forza Ferrari.