alonso.jpgOkay the word is out – the man has spoken out himself. Fernando Alonso is definitely not rattled, and is otherwise spending his time thinking beautiful and positive thoughts about Lewis Hamilton. And no, the idea of sticking a pin in Hamilton’s tyres before the race has never occured to him. “You are always optimistic during the first months of a season” confirms Alonso, “and you think you can repeat all your past successes. There are no bad thoughts at all – they come later when things happen and you start to have doubts”. Like an engine blowup in tifosi country for instance? I suppose that’s when one gets paranoid and start accusing all and sundry of foul behavior.

Alonso claims that he approaches each race thinking he can win, which is rather obvious considering how talented he is really. After all, one would have to exceedingly stupid to discount Nando’s championship challenge considering we all know what he is capable of. He is reportedly feeling ‘refreshed’ by his switch to McLaren, and admits “I have a different image but I have not changed as a person”. Now that I am not so sure is a good thing, but perhaps it is for the best. If things continue to be so bleak on the overtaking front, then at least we can expect some entertainment around mid-season when he accuses McLaren of preferential treatment and Hamilton of being unsporting (as is bound to happen). Bets will be accepted in the paddock starting from Barcelona.