lh1.jpgSpeaking of Lewis Hamilton (I know you wish that I didn’t, but there is news to be reported and we all know how meticulous and accurate FFN is in this department 😉 ), he now has former multiple world champions Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen confessing they are not surprised by Hamilton’s form. Schumi says he is surprised by his consistency, but not by his talent or speed after following GP2 rather closely last year, while Mika says pretty much the same – “I am not surprised about Hamilton, I had expected him to do such a good job. It will be interesting to see if Lewis can keep cool in his head and keep his focus and concentration. His pure racing speed is no surprise to me”. Incidentally Mika is very thrilled for his former team (McLaren) and their return to form, but then he also leaves me rather fogged with this comment – “I think Ferrari might be on the top, therefore they can only lose performance and go down a bit. But McLaren still have a lot of potential to increase their performance”. Now wait a minute, if McLaren and Ferrari have comparable performances currently, why is it that one has only downward to go while the other has tremendous scope for improvement? That makes no sense to me really, though I really like Mika Hakkinen and would like to think he is not talking through the back of his neck. Do ping me if you can make anything out of it, otherwise I will just dismiss this small lapse as the outcome of long association with Ron Dennis.

Returning back to the topic, this is what good friend Adrian Sutil has to say of LH – “He’d rather push his rival out and end the race in the gravel than let him through”. Ring a bell, anyone? Taking into account his naughty little ‘weave’ at race starts, maybe Hamilton really means it when he says Schumi is his inspiration in racing and otherwise. Meanwhile, it is reported that television viewers are being badgered with the following telecast once every half hour (Schumi on Hamilton). So why spare the internet surfers?