mosley.jpgI think we can all admit quite frankly that we have had it up to the eyeballs with the words – constructor, make, chassis, intellectual property, customer and car – that have been bandied about in every possible permutation imaginable. It makes us wonder if the blessed team bosses can’t just sort it out amongst themselves and get on with the racing really. If there is something F1 fans don’t like doing every other day, it is following news on interpretation of legal documents. We don’t care what articles 19 and 20 of the 2008 Sporting Regulations say, and how it compares with schedule 3 of the Concorde agreement or section 10 of what-do-you-call-it, honest to god. “If you don’t have customer cars you end up with people at the back being lapped three or four times during the race. That doesn’t help anyone and is miserable for the drivers concerned” says Max Mosley. Well, we have customer cars now (legal or not), and I don’t see it making any darned difference to be honest. Probably Mosley doesn’t understand how ironic it is to say “It is just two completely different views of what the Agreement says”. Maybe they should call it Concorde Disagreement, what do you think?

flavio.jpgIf I could have had a dollar every time Max Mosley came up with a rule change or Flavio Briatore called for putting on a better show, I might be a millionaire many times over. First the 2 races per engine rule, next the engine homologation, whatever next? Let’s do away with engines all together and make it all pedal karts instead? Or why not just make it the pinnacle of bicycling technology? Some of Max Mosley’s bright ideas in the past that have thankfully never come to pass include – weight penalties for winners, driver rotation and reversal of qualifying grid (If you are on pole, you will start from the last position). How wonderful it would have been to spend Saturday afternoons watching each car trying to be slower than the other. Thankfully all these ideas have become rather extinct with Michael Schumacher’s retirement and now Mosley is concentrating all his brain power on cost cutting measures. While there’s dear Max on one end chipping away diligently and taking the joy out of racing (with drivers thinking more about preserving their engines than racing for positions), there is Flavio at the other end calling for revolutionary changes. “We need 2 races” says Flavio, “One sprint race of 45 minutes in the morning and then a one hour race in the afternoon”. Apparently the teams would only be allowed to change tyres with refueling being banned, which is kind of a complement of 2005 pitstops. And Max Mosley has followed up his suggestion of removing traction control (which might be good) with adding stability control (which might be disastrous and make great drivers nearly indistinguishable from mediocre ones). Is anyone else developing a migraine?