You have to really wonder what is in the water supply over at Toyota. With Ralf Schumacher coming to the end of his contract with the team this year, and having not really achieved a whole lot with his supermarket trolley, you’d think they would be looking to the younger generation of drivers to take the team forward.

nickheidfeld1.jpgOne such young driver who’s name has been bandied about in association with the Cologne based team is Quick Nick Heidfeld who is currently driving for BMW-Sauber, who has been very impressive so far this season….and I’m not just talking about his beard growth rate.

However, today Toyota F1 team boss John Howett has dismissed the speculation that Heidfeld could switch from BMW-Sauber to Toyota at the end of the season. “Heidfeld is nothing more than a decent midfield driver” claimed Howett, “We would not improve ourselves by signing him”.

Well really, I’m beginning to wonder what sort of warped reality Toyota live in, firstly claiming that Ralf Schumacher is one of the three best drivers in F1….despite his penchant for driving around in the bottom half of the grid for the vast majority of the time. And now Quick Nick is just an average midfield driver, who consistently so far this season has managed to outscore both of the Toyota pairing with his hands tied behind his back.

Just going to prove really that Toyota like to chuck good money after bad and really don’t know their bottoms from their elbows. Former Toyota boss Norbert Kreyer confirming what we had suspected all along that John Howett signed Schumacher mostly because of his name, unfortunately the Toyota boss is still failing to grasp the fact he signed the wrong one….and keeps wondering why the shiny pots aren’t coming in.

Another team struggling to know their left foot from the right, and getting their wellies on completely wrong is Honda. However, they finally have come to the realisation (and not before time) that it’s no good letting your best technical staff go in favour of employing your best mates, when really they haven’t got a foggiest which end of an F1 car is which.

To which end Honda have decided finally to get the old cheque book out and go shopping, hopefully for some big F1 names to bolster their technical department. Team Boss Nick Fry admitting that they are looking to make some key signings but not before the end of the season, as strangely all the good technical people seem to be already employed and not sat at home waiting for his call (or probably and more likely avoiding Honda like the plague). Rumour has it that talks are still taking place with ex-Ferrari Technical Director Ross Brawn about taking up a possible position with the team in 2008, possibly with Fry talking himself out of his own job…….(we can but hope).

button.jpgWe can’t help thinking that Honda would need more than Ross Brawn to sort out the pickle they have got themselves into, and are wondering here at FFN if they ought to really try and just buy the entire race team from Maranello…not to mention someone who knows how to operate a wind tunnel….either that or start sticking their car directly in front of Renault Boss Flavio Briatore’s mouth which would probably have the same desired effect.

Meanwhile Jenson Button’s Manager Richard Goddard has confirmed that despite his intense frustration, Jense is not looking to leave the sinking ship along with all the other rats and is still pledging his future to Honda as according to the British Driver it is the best place for him for his future….leading us to one conclusion…that Jense has more money than sense……or has been out in the sun too long (You know what they say about dogs and mad Englishmen?).