Today the F1 teams are in Barcelona Spain, embarking on the first of three days of testing in the run up to the Spanish Grand Prix on May 13th. With bad weather expected on Tuesday, it is thought the test will be extended to include Thursday as well.

Ahead of the testing, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa has been hopeful the Maranello squad will find some improvements for the Spanish Grand Prix. It is expected there will be some upgrades coming on the F2007 for the first time since the start of the season, in an attempt to keep the Ferrari team on terms with their rivals and Ron Dennis off the podium platform (we can but hope and pray).

coldkimi.jpgAccording to rumour, Kimi Raikkonen will be allowed out of the Maranello trophy cabinet today on good behaviour to carry out testing duties.

Technical Director Mario Almondo apparently insisting on having an electronics system installed in Kimi’s car whereby if the Finn falls asleep a warning light will flash up on Race Engineer Chris Dyer’s Monitor. It is thought then that an electric shock and a blast of cold air will be dispensed immediately out of the Kimster’s steering wheel.

On being asked what he thought of the new system Kimi nonchalantly replied “It is ok, I can use for chilling my vodka and roll mops”. So it will be interesting to see just how spiky Kimi’s hair appears when he gets out of the car this afternoon. Of course here at FFN we will keep you updated as testing progresses.

Meanwhile elsewhere hapless former Ferrari employee Mauro Iacconi who was last week convicted by a court in Modena of Industrial Espionage, is this week protesting his innocence. The dizzy dolt who half-inched a CD ROM with technical drawings, data and files on his way out the door from Ferrari to Toyota claims that the data he stole was too old to be of use to man nor beast, and certainly would not be relevant to apply to a recent car design.

swag.gif“It’s true that the Toyota TF103 looked like a copy of the F2002, also because of its red colour, but it’s normal for F1 cars to resemble the winning machine,” Iacconi was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In the trial, my last aerodynamic chief at Maranello, Nick Tombazis, defended me by highlighting the fact that the Ferrari parts found in the CD-ROM were obsolete and unusable, so there was no point copying them”. Which just goes to prove what an idiot the man is ….if your going to steal something and subsequently get caught and in trouble for it, you might as well take a few seconds to check your actually taking the latest technological data and not someone’s Abba greatest hits CD.

“Who knows, maybe the whole point of the accusation was to put a stop to the brain drain from Ferrari.” Iacconi claims, although quite where he gets the idea that Ferrari are lamenting the loss of such a great mind when the hapless fool can’t even steal relevant data is beyond me.

The unlucky Italian apparently started work on building his own wind tunnel before the trial began, but had to give up working on it while the court case ensued. Now that he has received his suspended sentence there is nothing to suggest he can’t continue with his wind tunnel. I’m sure given Honda’s trouble working out their own they would willing queue up to use Iacconi’s in the hope the light fingered thief might do them a favour and spirit away their supermarket trolley of a RA107.

rossbrawn.jpgOver in jolly old England, former Ferrari Technical Director and Official Fish Worrier Ross Brawn has popped up out of the blue, which will no doubt start tongues wagging and send the German Press into a story writing frenzy about Ross’s latest job offer.

According to the Motorsports Media, Ross attended an evening event at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire with the Motorsports Industry Association where he was the guest speaker. One can only guess at what pearls of wisdom he had to offer, but I’m hazarding that it involved some tips on how to string half of F1 along in the hope of securing your services.

Rumour has it that Ross is still in talks with Honda about taking up a possible role with them in 2008. Which no doubt has Ferrari CEO and little pitbull Jean Todt gnashing his teeth and selling off his mother on Ebay to stump up enough cash to keep Brawn on the payroll.