It would seem that Ferrari super-assistant Michael Schumacher is a busy man these days, jet-setting to and fro and getting sun tanned, attending functions and dinners, but we have yet to see any evidence of any ‘assisting’ going on.

trophyahoy3.jpgLast week The ‘Schu’ was in London extolling the importance of road safety to us all in his capacity as a spokes-personage for the UN Road Safety Awareness Week. Lo and Behold, the man is back again this week, this time presenting A1 GP team Germany with the World Cup trophy at the end of season awards ceremony held in London last night.

While Michael is obviously not missing racing himself as he has told us several times lest we forget, its clear the man is like a magpie and just can’t help turning up wherever the shiny pots are to be found. One can’t help but wonder if he got a bit over excitable when building his ‘Schloss’ and made the trophy room a bit large, and now the man is eagerly on the look out for a few bits and bobs to fill up the shelves.

In all seriousness, Michael had a few good words to say about Manager Willi Weber’s new protégé 19 year old Nico Hulkenberg (or the Incredible Hulk as I will call him) who is tipped to be the next best thing since sliced bread in Germany. “Nico’s driving and A1 Team Germany’s achievements this year have been excellent” Michael complemented while keeping his beady eye on the trophy centre piece on his dinner table.

itwasntme.jpgHere at FFN we can totally understand why Michael is feeling so positive about Germany’s new rising star, not least because it might give German Publication ‘Bilge’ someone else to photograph in their Speedo’s once in a while, as well as luring Manager Willi Weber’s sticky mitts away from his bank balance.

The Spyker-Ferrari Team, it would appear, have got big plans afoot. According to the latest news, the team will be opening the first official Formula 1 Sports Bar in Holland. The exact location of the bar is yet to be announced, but it is thought that Spyker are hoping to extend a deal with Heineken to supply refreshments at their trackside events.

Now call me suspicious but I smell a rat (well not literally). First Spyker go out and obtain themselves Ferrari customer engines, then they decide to open an establishment purveying alcoholic refreshments to the F1 community.

Seems a rather convoluted way of going about trying to get your hands on a certain Flying Finn if you ask me. Either that or they think it might improve Christian Albers and Adrian Sutil’s driving skills…..which let’s face it can’t get much worse.

raininspain.jpgMeanwhile day 2 of testing at the Circuit De Catalunya near Barcelona in Spain has been hit by rain. Leaving the poor pit-lane poppet’s twiddling their thumbs and desperately trying to avoid the illuminous glare from Flavio Briatore’s Day-Glo tan at close quarters in the Renault Garage.

I suspect they will now be rueing the fact they left behind the Ferrari Good Weather Cow in Bahrain. The Plastic Bovine Beast with more expressive facial features than the Kimster (you know I’m pulling your leg Kimi), was last seen heading out into the sand dunes with a packed lunch of cucumber sandwiches, a pair of Ray Bans and a six pack of Heineken.