kimiatbarcelona.jpgDid you know that Tsutomu Tomita is quitting Toyota F1 this June? I must admit that this has come as quite the rude shock to me personally, as I have just gotten used to his name after 4 long years and now they have gone ahead and replaced him with someone called Tadashi Yamashina…and I am back to square one. What’s more, Tomita’s future role with Toyota sounds suspiciously like that of our Schumi. “Tsutomu is part of Toyota’s Formula 1 heritage and we will remain in close contact with him” says Yamashina (the new guy), “Tomita will return to Japan, although it is not yet decided what his role will be”. Uh oh.

Meanwhile Kimi Raikkonen is sounding very positive after today’s test session, which you have to admit is a welcome change from his usual deadpan “I don’t know, let’s wait and see”. His various statements during today’s interview include “I am pretty happy with what we did yesterday, we learnt a lot. The car feels good here”, followed by “It was good. I found a better set-up for myself and the car seemed to be handling the way I wanted now. I think we are in a much stronger position now”, and then “We have all got good setups now, and the car seems to be very strong”, not to mention “So we have a good package now and I have a better setup now” and in case you still didn’t get it – “The aero package is better for sure but I found a better setup for myself and the car is better for me”. Oh, and he also mentioned “I am sure we have a good package for the race here, I am definitely much happier with it now” and “The car feels like it should, I am happier going into the races”. Phew, that should cover everything. All sounding rather positive as you can see, I think we can safely assume from the whole exchange that the car setup is better and he is happier, and that can only be good news for the tifosi.

schumionholiday.jpgITV Reporter Ted Kravitz seems to have recently obtained a degree in F1 driver psychology…either that or he can read thoughts. Not only does he know that Michael Schumacher’s presence in the paddock come Barcelona will annoy Kimi, but he also knows that Felipe will love it for precisely that reason.  He could apparently “sense that Ferrari’s comfort zone was shattered in the first race in Melbourne” and clearly my psychic aura is just not up to speed, for the only thing I could sense was a dominant Ferrari victory. Silly me!

Ted is now suggesting that a Ferrari person should pick up the phone and say gently (note the word- gently – how awfully considerate of Ted!) – “Yeah thanks Michael, but don’t you think it is time to move on?” (Well, Ferrari obviously doesn’t or they would be bonkers to be paying him 6 million and retaining his expertise, but obviously Ted knows better) . What’s more, Ted thinks it is going to be very messy and Michael is going to confuse everyone. And all these conspiracy theories just because Michael decided one fine morning on a whim that he would rather see the Spanish GP live at the race track. Which makes us want to tell ITV – “Yeah thanks guys, we know you hate Michael, but don’t you think it is time to move on?” *yawn* Next the magazine that gets sued more times in a year than it rains in Seattle (you know which one I am talking about) will no doubt be spinning a dramatic yarn about how Montezemolo was against Schumi coming to Barcelona, but Todt insisted on it and how relationship between Todt and Kimi is strained as a result and how Felipe…oh well, never mind. It is rumored that their ‘ridiculously false news invention’ department is currently working overtime on this story as I type. Good luck to them of course, but honestly they would be better off writing about something less cliched for a change…perhaps like how good Lewis Hamilton is? We rarely hear about that!