handlebarhaug.jpgMercedes Motorsports Boss Norbert Haug (Or Handle-bar Haug as I like to think of him, for the interesting ‘tache he had for many years) apparently believes that the Formula 1 team that wins next weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix will go on to win the World Championship. Nothing like counting your chickens before they have hatched then.

All the portents at the recent testing at the Circuit De Catalunya, pointed to Ferrari having slightly the upper hand on their Woking counterparts. Rumours suggesting that while McLaren had turned up with a new aerodynamic package including interesting new car nose, Ferrari had according to “armchair experts” turned up with a completely new car, including new sidepods and cooling system. Chicago rules it seems, in the battle for the championship.

However, one has to take into consideration that so far the McLaren Mercedes duo of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton have appeared to be the stronger driver pairing over Ferrari pilots F’lipe and the Kimster. And I have to admit that this week I have been biting my fingernails ala Jean Todt style and doing my hail mary’s religiously, hoping that there won’t be any more napping on the job from the Maranello sqaud come next weekend.

While his Mumbleship (Kimi) has kept fairly true to form of late and kept his mouth closed and gone about like a church mouse (I’m talking about his verbal appproach, not his behaviour for the record), Fernando Alonso has taken the opportunity to kindly impart us all with his thoughts on how the season will progress.

According to the Spaniard, there will be no running away with the championship. Which as a tifosi I’m very glad about because by rights the man has had his sticky mitts on the pots these last two years, and really he should learn to share his toys….

becauseweareworthit.jpgActually Nando believes that the season will remain unbelievably close with neither of the top two teams (that’s Ferrari and McLaren if you have just come out of winter hibernation) pulling out a vast majority on the other, therefore the battle for the championship will go down to the wire…..and we here at FFN will be having to go out and buy some Loreal hair dye to cover up all the impending grey’s (because we are worth it eh, Michael?)

“Ferrari should be our main opponent and I see a very interesting season in front of us, I think with no opportunity for any of us to really open a gap and win the championship in a relaxed way,” he said.
“I think this is impossible this year and we will see a very close fight all through the season, which will be great for the sport.” quipped the young Spaniard. Not so great for any of us with a slightly nervous or excitable disposition though. But interesting to see F1 is back to being a sport again until next time.

Meanwhile over at Ferrari, feisty young Brazilian Felipe is hoping to maintain the momentum off the back of his win in Bahrain and be the first F1 driver this season to win back to back races (assuming he can keep out of the gravel trap when attempting to overtake).

“I’m really motivated for sure,” Massa said at the end of the test in Barcelona. “I am convinced that we can be competitive like we were (in Bahrain). Apart from the results themselves, which were not exactly ideal for so many reasons, I am really motivated.
“I was happy to win in Bahrain, we are working hard, keeping the momentum.” He chirped.

fishface.jpgAdded to this Alonso’s team mate Lewis Hamilton has been rattling on about how he wants to win the next race and how he doesn’t think it is entirely out of the realms of reality for him to fight for the championship title, nothing wrong with his ego then. We are fairly sure the British media will happily go to town on that subject for a week or three (and we are confident we will never hear the end of it if he does win).

Ferrari’s Fish-face Kimster (that’s a term of endearment honestly) admitted after the Barcelona test that he is feeling much more confident in the car after being locked up in the Maranello trophy cabinet the last month….so it is looking like its going to be an intensely fierce competition in little under a week’s time, and that’s before Ron Dennis has even lodged his weekly complaint to the FIA about his arch-nemeses Ferrari for “cheating”.

I think I need a Vodka…..anyone care to join me?