schumiandshirt.jpgHave you ever wondered where Michael Schumacher buys his wardrobe? Just so you can avoid the place like the plague? We always knew Michael was going to create a stir on his return back to the paddock, but I must admit the shirt was a bit more than what I had bargained for and ought not to be sprung casually on the faint-hearted. Still, I suppose we should be glad that all this time away from F1 has not diminished his liking for floral prints any.

Michael shortly held a press conference in which his reply to a question on whether he intended to get into team management in the future (“No! Absolutely not! I just don’t want to”) was somehow interpreted as “he insisted that his future in motor racing remains completely open, although he didn’t rule out a move into team management”. The media as usual moves in its own mysterious ways, its wonders to perform. He then denied that his presence at the race would be a distraction for the team (though several team members were seen abandoning their posts to quickly procure a pair of sunglasses and shield themselves from the shirt). And on being asked if (a) he had a specific role or (b) if he was observing from a distance, he remarked “Exactly! You hit the nail on the head”, so we still don’t know if it (a) or (b) that is exactly right (the super-assistant role remains shrouded in mystery).

Meanwhile, Honda is not desperate (though they probably ought to be). We know that they have made some progress, as Rubens Barrichello says “Now that the wind tunnel is working well and so on, we can see that the things that are happening on the track are happening in the tunnel as well, which wasn’t the case before”. That’s always bound to be a relief – when you spend millions of dollars on something, it is nice to see it working sometimes. But it appears there was nothing wrong with the wind tunnel earlier, it is just that the engineers didn’t have a clue as to what the readings meant. “I’m not saying it was wrongly calibrated” continues Rubens (effectively making Honda’s reputation mud…whatever is left of it anyway), “I think we had to have a better understanding of what it was giving us but right now it’s giving us support”. Oh good then, nothing like a supportive wind tunnel to get things going.


Avid Ferrari Supporter wondering how he ended up in Fernando’s arms

Fernando Alonso, we all know, is a bit miffed with all the attention Hamilton has been getting of late, and Ron Dennis has been hard at work to do something about the situation and give Alonso an image-makeover (Just like what he did with McLaren, switching from dull gray to Vodafone pink). After Nando put his foot down and refused to be photographed kissing babies, they had him do the next best thing. Works, doesn’t it?